Sunday, February 22, 2009

February - finally...

I am way behind on our blog, here, but, to be fair, it's been a busy month!

Scott and I went to Cancun for 6 days with a group of friends, and had a wonderful time. It was so nice to be in the sun, and be warm. It's about this point every year that the Minnesota winters seems to drag on and on and on...!

Ava had a wonderful week with Grandma Deb - she was an absolute angel for her. Scott and I were so happy to hear that! We did miss her while we were in Mexico, but we knew she was in good hands, so we didn't worry about her. As we landed in MSP, Scott called Deb and asked her to keep Ava up until we got home (around 9pm). She was so excited when she saw us walk through the front door. She's started to do a hand-clapping thing when she's excited and happy, so those little hands were clapping away when we came in!

Although, now that we have her, we're a lot more aware of kids in general, and the poor parenting skills that we see some parents exhibit. For example, while we were in Cancun, a 4-year old girl almost drowned because her mom left her in/at the pool while she went to the buffet for some food. Real nice. 13 years old, maybe. 4 years old, definitely not.

Last Tuesday, my mom called me with some sad news - my grandma Elsie (my dad's mom) passed away on February 16. She had been sick for quite a while, and was ready to go. The good news is that she wasn't in any pain before she passed on. As much as I'll miss her, I'm happy and relieved that she is finally with my grandpa again.

I had posted this photo before, but I thought this would be appropriate again:

We were going to go down to Kansas for Easter, but will be going down for a funeral instead this April. It'll be interesting to see how Ava does with a 1500 mile car trip.

Also on Tuesday, Ava and I went out for sushi with my friend, Angie. Ava wasn't interested in the fish, but she was VERY interested in the menu! Thankfully, the staff at Akita were very nice, and didn't seem to get angry while she was slobbering on everything. :)

I also walked in on Scott and Ava having a raspberry conversation...

Yesterday, Scott took Ava all day and went truck shopping, while I had a scrapbooking day with my friends. I didn't get too much done (3 pages), but it was really nice to catch up with everyone again. PLUS, Lisa introduced us to digital scrapbooking - we all left thinking it was the greatest thing in the world! Minimal supplies needed, much less expensive than traditional scrapbooking, and easier to do at any time, and any place. I think I'll need to look into this a little more - thanks, Lisa!!

Today's going to be busy with our normal weekend stuff - grocery shopping, finish up cleaning, and finally having a chance to sit down and relax. Whewww...have a great day!

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Lisa said...

Cute video! Dylan heard it and wanted to see- he must have liked it too because he smiled! I'm so glad I could inspire you to try digital scrapbooking. After you all left, I ended up doing 8 pages while we watched TV after Dylan went to bed.