Sunday, January 18, 2009

Zoo Song Stuck in Head...Arghh....

"You'll see lots of animals when you're at the zoo! Monkeys, zebras, elephants...lions, tigers, too!" Why do toy makers have to make those songs so darn catchy? Not only am I singing that song, but I'm finding myself singing made up songs to Ava in the same tune! It's a great toy from Fisher-Price, but boy, talk about driving us nuts!

Well, I'm 99% healed from bronchitis, but now Ava has a cold. We just can't win here...although Scott has somehow managed to squeak by without getting sick.

Ava has her 2nd part of the flu shot tomorrow night, so we will probably have an updated weight for her. Let's see how much this little piggy weighs now! She's loving the fruits so far - applesauce and peaches have been a hit!

She also has her 6 month follow up with the cardiologist on Tuesday - we're sure everything will be ok, but just in case, keep her in your prayers!

Ava's been sleeping hard at night, and I love seeing her little sleepy face in the morning. She's just so peaceful, warm, and content - check out this cute shot.

We've stopped bringing her to daycare in her carseat (don't fret, it's just 2 houses down from us, so no driving), which means I needed to find a good way to bundle her up to keep her warm. With the 20 below temps we had last week, I finally had a great reason to pull out her 2 snowsuits. Those are great gifts that I wasn't sure we'd ever get to use. They sure do keep her warm!

This morning, Scott and I were having breakfast, and Ava wanted to be closer to us than in her high chair (which is right next to the table, but whatever.) This is just the cutest pic (in my opinion, of course!) Every time I went to take a picture, she smiled - I think we've trained her well! Scott, however, was a different case - it took 3 pics for him to be looking normal into the camera. :)

She's officially crawling now - hooray! And she is making it a regular practice to pull herself to a standing position holding onto my hands. I'm absolutely enthralled with this learning process that she's going through - she never ceases to amaze me!

Stay warm, sleep well, and be happy!

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Lisa said...

I just have to laugh... I have some of those goofy songs stuck in my head too! One of them in in Spanish... I hope all goes well at Ava's appointment.