Thursday, January 1, 2009

Green Beans are Yummy!

We gave Ava her first non-orange veggie beans! They went over very well, so I'm hoping that we have an easy eater on our hands. She has liked everything she has tried so far - once she figured out how to eat solid food.

She's also learning how to blow raspberries. Not so pretty.

What happens when you mix a spoonful of green beans with a fresh, bubbly raspberry? See the video below for the answer...

I see messy, messy mealtimes in our future...!


Lisa said...

Ah yes- the fun raspberries. So messy! Dylan was showing off for my brothers when we were up at my parents and there was squash EVERYWHERE! They kept laughing at him, so he kept doing it!

The Yahres Family said...

That was hilarious!! I actually laughed out loud to my computer... ha ha! I remember going through that with Ryan and my day is coming soon with Owen, but it seems a little funnier when it's someone elses mess to clean up!