Sunday, November 23, 2008

It's Sippy Time!

Ava's gotten really good at holding her own bottle, as you can see in this picture. However, the sippy cup is still in the end of this drinking session, I think there was more water on her bib than what went in her mouth!

Here's a cute little video of her "playing" with Darla...notice Darla's pleading look to me at the end. Again, she is THE BEST dog ever. She has so much patience!

I wrapped all of our Christmas gifts's amazing how Ava had 3 times as many gifts as everyone else! It's so hard to stop buying things for her!

Have a wonderful night!


Lisa said...

Wait... you're done with your Christmas shopping?!? I haven't really started... except for buying things for Dylan! (I can't stop either) Mom & I are going to get lots of shopping done when they are down here in 2 weeks- I hope!

Lisa said...

BTW- CUTE video! Darla is such a nice dog.