Sunday, October 5, 2008

Eating Hedgehogs and Picking Apples...

Last Thursday I went to a kid-oriented consignment sale with Tiff and Lisa, and bought some clothes and new toys for Ava. I found a 5' long rainbow colored caterpillar that makes noises - Lucky freaked out at it yesterday and started barking hysterically! Maybe we should let the dogs check it out before giving to Ava for Christmas!

I also picked up this brightly colored hedgehog (the dogs were VERY interested in this!)...I think Ava liked it, and then she tried to eat it!


But does it taste good??

Yesterday, we enjoyed one of the last nice fall days at the Afton Apple Orchard. Tiff, Darren and Isabel also came with was a perfect day filled with fun, friends, and LOTS of apples! Tiff and I might get adventurous and make our 1st apple pie one of these days...:)

Ava, the Afton Cow, and Mommy-Cow (a.k.a. Dee)
At the Petting Zoo...maybe next year she'll actually pay attention to the goats!

Ava's first pumpkin!

So tired...and check out her hand in the "pocket" :)

It was the perfect way to celebrate our first fall with our new little girl.

Happy Sunday to all!

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Lisa said...

That's so funny that Lucky was scared of the caterpillar! Dylan has started putting lots of things in his mouth too- especially his blankies and burp cloths.