Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo Shoot...!

Ava and I went to have her 1-month photos taken yesterday at JC Penneys in Edina. I was a little nervous to take her since it's never a guarantee if the baby will be in a good mood...and boy was she crabby for a portion of it! The photographer did an amazing job, and despite all of the cries, we managed to get some adorable shots of her. I highly recommend the studio we went to - it's a Life Touch studio, so they are very professional. We'll be going back when she's 3 months for another round of photos - it's amazing how quickly they change the first year!

And for the non-professional photo...check out Ava's up-close interaction with Darla (the most laid-back of all of our dogs.) Such a patient beagle!

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