Sunday, January 21, 2018


What a week for Vikings fans! Last Sunday, I parked myself on the couch for the entire game (which I never do) and even though I was tempted to turn it off, I stuck through it to the bitter/amazing end. I had given up hope and couldn't believe it when the Vikings pulled off the "Minnesota Miracle" in the last ten seconds. I was jumping up and down, and G was really confused if I was happy or sad, so I had to stop, give him a high five, and tell him it was all good.

Scott may have heard me yelling from the outside (he was shoveling snow) and came into the house, covered in snow and carrying the shovel. He's not much of a football fan, but with all of the news coverage of today's game, he certainly knows what's at stake with the game today.

That aside...we had a pretty good week. G is making progress on potty training...we didn't have nearly as many pairs of dirty underwear this week, as we did last week. That makes us all happy campers!

Ava had a pretty good week...she didn't have school on Monday or Friday. She had asked to participate in a dance clinic held at the high school on Friday. I dropped her off around 3 on Friday afternoon, she learned a routine, had a pizza dinner, and then performed at the halftime show for the girls varsity basketball game on Friday night. We decided it would be a bit of a nightmare to have G there (but, now that I know how loud it is, and that there's an area for kids to run around, he can certainly go in the future.) So, it was just me hanging out at a high school basketball game, waiting for the show to begin. It was fun watching the game, but I think it would be way more interesting if I knew someone who was playing!

When the Irishettes came out onto the floor, I was surprised at how many girls there were. WOW! There was a big turnout for this clinic! In any case, Ava had fun, but I asked her if she wanted to do it again, and got a "meh" from her. I then asked if she wanted to take dance classes and received a firm NO. So...we clearly don't have a dancer on our hands! And that's totally fine.

This is only half of the group of dancers...Ava's the one in the blue shirt with her hands in the air..hahaha

Just a small clip from their dance...

The rest of the weekend was spent at home, getting stuff done, with the exception of dinner out last night, and a super fun (where's my sarcasm font?) trip to Menards. By the time we got home last night, I was ready to shuttle everyone off into bed, just so I could have a few minutes of quiet time.

It's amazing what a good night's sleep will produce though...we're all in great moods this morning! Well, I haven't seen Ava yet, but she's usually pretty even keel with her moods, so I would be surprised if she wasn't cheery right now. She's probably being a tech monster and playing on one of her devices...

Maybe she's coding and building something amazing!

Time to get things moving...lots to do today, so I can park it for the game tonight! SKOL Vikings! Bring it home!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Chill Time

We are definitely in the middle of a cold snap...last week, we had one balmy day where G exclaimed, "The snow is melting, it's going to be all gone!" I had to burst his little happy bubble and let him know that it's not quite spring yet. He has now decided that spring and fall are his favorite seasons...winter is too cold, and in summer "the bees come out!"

Honestly, I'm fine with the cold...dress warmly, in layers, don't spend extra time outdoors, and appreciate the fact that there is a warm place to reside. Not everyone is that lucky, so instead of complaining about it, we should be thankful for what we have. Right?

With that said...I am heading to Montreal in a few weeks for work, and am very interested to see what a Canadian winter is like. I just checked the forecast for next week, and it looks like they will have a few days in the 40s. Nice! After living in MN for 20+ years, I should be able to handle it. Although, the other day I was curious about the temps in the most northern provinces in Canada, and I'm pretty darn sure I never want to go that far north! CHILLY!

Everyone else in the family had a pretty good week...Ava was at the high school on Wednesday, learning about the different instruments that she could choose to play next year in band. Her first choice is trombone (of course), then the flute (love that, it's nice and small), and then...sigh...the tuba. Really?? She assured me that there would be one at home, and then one at school, and I wouldn't have to figure out how to haul it around in my car. If tuba wasn't an option, then she said the xylophone would be cool. Yep, sure, ok.

After some additional discussions, she has now rethought her choices, and is settled a little bit more on trumpet. We'll see what actually happens this spring, though!

G has totally nailed the #1 potty training. He's a pro! However, #2 is not going so well. He's stubborn, and his digestive system isn't making it easy for us to get this under control. How is it possible that we have one kid who used to poop once a week (all good now, thanks to fiber supplements) and another one who poops every five minutes? The only other thing I'll say is that G and I have a hot date today to clean all of his dirty underwear. I do not like that task. Bleh. So, he's going to learn how to help me do that. Maybe THAT will help him a bit in this training...maybe.

I know I don't say much about our Lucky dog, but she has been such a little love lately...always, and I do mean ALWAYS, following me around the house. Her age is really showing, and I was thinking about how much it's going to break my heart when she goes. I'm trying to give her as much attention possible now, so she knows how much we love her.

She was snuggled up next to me on the couch the other day, so I had to take a pic of this cute face!

Time to get ready for this chilly day...we have an import divisional playoff game later today, so I want to make sure we can enjoy (hopefully) watching it and cheering on the Vikes. SKOL!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Welcome 2018!

I saw a meme last night that is absolutely perfect for the frigid temps we’ve had last week...”Whoever made Elsa mad, we need you to apologize!” It’s been a bit...cold lately...lots of days where the temps never rose above 0 degrees.  The only positive thing about cold temps like this is that we don’t have the snowy mess that makes the commute so horrible. At least we haven’t been pummeled with snow like the entire eastern snowboard..including snow in states that haven’t seen snow in decades!

In any case, it’s now January, the days are getting longer, and right now it’s 18’s a heat wave! We rang in the new year in central Minnesota, with our dear friends...we played games, ate, drank, and had a great time catching up. G threw in the towel around 10pm, but Ava insisted staying up until past midnight. The kids weren’t toooo cranky the next day, but I do think we all slept pretty well the next night.

And then...we’re back to the normal, school, daycare. We’re hitting the potty training hard with G now. His daycare is also working with him, and yesterday, he only had a few small accidents at home. It would be amazing if this could be all done within the next few weeks...I’m tired of talking about poop every day!

Ava participated in the all-school geography bee this week. She wasn’t the final winner, but we are very proud that she’s made it to the finals! I think I even learned some info while she was prepping to participate. Continuing education benefits us all!

The other night Ava came home and asked to participate in a winter dance clinic, sponsored by the Rosemount High School dance team. The clinic is on an upcoming day in January where I'm off of work, and she doesn't have school, so she’ll be at home with me. So, she’s going to spend a few hours learning a dance routine, having a pizza dinner with the team, and then she’ll perform at the RHS varsity girls basketball game with the group. Fun! She’s never danced before, so I hope she’s enjoys it.

We went out for dinner last night, and I got a very yummy Holiday Mule. G kept asking if there were cherries in my drink...he would have been very sad once he realized they were tart cranberries!

Mustache Man!

Can’t believe that I have to work a full five days next week...haven’t done that in over a month! It makes me appreciate these weekend days even more. Time to get going for the day. Happy Sunday!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas! What a wonderful week this was...the days just flew by! Darn it, we have to go back to work in two days. At least we’ll be refreshed and ready to go.

We spent a very nice Christmas Eve at my parents home...We all enjoyed the traditional butterball soup, except G (and Grandma) who decided he didn’t even want to give it a try. His loss, which turned into an extra butterball for Ava...lucky girl! We ate so much food...all good, but boy, I was ready to sleep it off when we got back home. Instead, we opened the traditional ONE gift on Christmas Eve...Ava has caught on and knows that it’s always new pajamas, but G thought he was going to get something cool, and he wanted a redo. Haha!

And of course we left a cookie, fudge, carrot, and eggnog out for Santa and Rudolph. G was very adamant that the carrot was only for Rudolph, and not any other reindeer. He insisted that Rudolph isn’t very big or strong, which is why he needs the carrot more than any of the other reindeer. I’m not really sure where he got the idea that Rudolph is weak, but I do like that he wants to take care of him...

Hi Lucky! (Lucky knows it's just pjs in G's gift...)

Matching jammies for families - "Naughty is the new Nice!" (Except Scott...he got something else)

All gone!

We hit the hay, and was Christmas! The kids were so patient, as we only opened the stockings before breakfast. G was so excited to get his toy train from Santa! I was excited to see that the Booze Fairy (that’s what the tag said!) left a few gifts for me in my stocking, too. Thanks Santa and the Booze Fairy!

After a lovely breakfast of quiche, we opened all of our gifts. It was pretty awesome to watch how excited the kids were to tear into things. It was a very generous year, and we are very grateful for all of the wonderful presents that were given to our family. Ava made the comment that she has too much stuff, and has no more room to put anything. I advised her that we’re going to go through all of the toys and will be doing some donations in the near future. She agreed, and started to clean stuff out on her own. WOW!

We received some wonderful food gifts for Christmas, which are a treat...peach/berry crisps, cinnamon rolls, egg benedict sets, etc. Items we will definitely use, but will not take up space in our house. Love it!

The train set is bigger than he is!

G was the lucky recipient of a game where it's all about doggie's actually easy and fun. Who knew?

And then it was back to normal, non-Christmas life...daycare for G, release days for Ava. While they were occupied during the day, I did a TON of stuff around the things, like cleaning the fridge, cleaning the cabinets, cleaning out the medicine cabinet, etc. It’s so nice to get that all tidied up. Scott ended up taking a few days off, too, so we grabbed some lunch together, and went to the jeweler to get his ring re-sized so he can finally wear it again (he smashed his finger a while ago, and the ring won’t fit over his knuckle.) So glad we are getting that taken care of!

Mommy and G - and puppy!

They both decided to take a nap in the booth after dinner out one night...Ava doesn't look thrilled, does she?

Thank you, Santa! My mom and I split this and it was yummy!

Scott also snuck in a fun afternoon/night out with friends, which is great. He doesn’t often have time to go out and have fun since he works so hard, so I’m glad he was able to do that.

Scott and my dad worked hard on our basement yesterday...we now have recessed lights installed in the main room! Plus, the shop room is ready to go, so I think I can start organizing next weekend. It’ll be fantastic to have a permanent home for all of our things that have just been lingering in our basement. I sense a massive purge coming on...hooray!

We’re heading out to celebrate New Years with our dear friends tonight...Ava has told me several times how excited she is to see Isabel and Evie. And G really loves their blue house, so we all win! Haha!

Be safe, and if you’re in MN, stay’s -12 below right now. Brrrrr!

Happy New Year! Bring on 2018!