Sunday, October 15, 2017

My Healers

Yet another busy week that has flown by in no time. Last Monday, Ava made a comment that she wished it was Saturday...I told her that we all agree with that statement...

On Monday, G's daycare went on a field trip to a local apple orchard. We've been so busy this fall that we weren't able to squeeze in a trip to get apples OR pumpkins. Good thing he brought home plenty of apples to share with all of us! In addition, they learned all about pumpkins and the letter "P" this week. Guess who was finally able to join G at daycare this week? G's favorite stuffed animal, Puppy! We've been waiting for the letter "P" to be the letter of the week so he could hang out with G at daycare!

Ava's doing really well in school, but this week, she brought home some math homework that even Scott and I couldn't figure out. There was one problem that we worked on for a while, and was never able to come up with a solution, so we sent her back to school with unfinished homework. The teacher's response was that she needed to complete it. And our response was that she needs help from the teacher. This is the first time we haven't been able to help her with the homework...and both of us are pretty good at math. So, that was a bit frustrating!

I ended up picking up some sort of bug later in the week...sore throat, runny nose, cough, headache, stomachache, and vomiting. I mean, really...that's a whole lot of nastiness all at once. Scott had to work yesterday on his side business, so the kids ended up taking care of me. There was a whole bunch of snuggles, cartoons, movies, and drinking water. And today, I feel a million times better. What an amazing group of healers that I live with!

Puppy and Butterfly joined in the fun!

Just a few other random shots from this's been a rainy and nice week, all at once. I was driving home the other night, and it was gray and drizzly heading east. But, there was the most beautiful sunset taking place behind me. I wish I was able to capture the amazing colors, but this picture doesn't do it justice!

Our boss' name is Jamie. There was a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal that started off with "Maybe Jamie will fire you." Carey and I thought it would be hilarious to leave it on the chair of a co-worker who had been on vacation since last week. We were right - he laughed when he came back into work. Actually, a bunch of people got a kick out it!

Today is going to be busy...I have to catch up on everything I didn't do yesterday when I was feeling yucky. AND, my new laptop came last week, so I want to start moving things over so I can begin playing with it! Sunday Funday for sure!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fire truck, Fairy, and...Fiber

We're still struggling with potty training G. He is so good with #1 (until he gets lazy) but #2 is a serious challenge. On Monday, he went to bed with a hard, extended belly...something we hadn't seen since we took him to the hospital a few years ago, and he ultimately had his appendix removed. I knew that wasn't the issue this time! His belly was nice and squishy in the morning, so I think he had some serious gas lurking inside. Poor kid.

The next night, I forced him to stay on the potty before bed, and we were all able to do the Potty Dance when he was done. The size of things that come out of those little bodies is astounding. And, I also made the decision that he is getting a fiber supplement each morning. The pediatrician had recommended it for Ava, and it's working miracles for her. So, he's getting a smaller portion...and I'll be discussing more with his dr in a few weeks (for his 4-year checkup. FOUR!!! How did that happen??)

This was a super busy week for all of us...PTO meetings, work, spelling tests, trips to the MN Zoo, trips up north, and lots of movie watching. Ava and Scott have been gone since Friday afternoon. Scott needed to make sure his deer stand was ready for hunting season, so he took her up north with him. It sounds like they've had lots of fun...bonfires, 4-wheeler rides, and enjoying the weather. G and I have had an awesome time eating mac and cheese, watching movies, and snuggling on the couch. It's been wonderful to hang out with just my little man.

I've also been busy tackling some bigger cleaning projects. While G was enjoying Mickey Mouse on Friday night, I struggled to make toilet fizzies. Let me It's a mixture of citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, and lemon essential oil. It smelled amazing in our there was a lemon cake baking! I had a hard time getting the consistency just right, and perhaps added too much water. All I can say is that it was very, very messy. But, once this batch is gone, I'm going to try again until I get it right! The idea is that I can just drop one of the fizzies in the toilet, and with the fizzing action, it helps clean the toilet so there's no more scrubbing needed. Plus, there aren't any nasty chemicals involved, which makes it even better. I'm really amping up my arsenal of natural cleaning supplies around the house!

I also finished up my acorn DIY project, so I now have a lovely fall piece sitting on the table in our entryway. And I purchased a new fall-themed runner, and re-did the centerpiece on our table, so we are set for the season. I may have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest lately...heehee. Plus, at the end of baton class this week, each of the girls got to choose a pumpkin to bring home. So, now our front porch has some lovely mums and the 40 lb pumpkin that Ava picked. It's huge!

Sounds like my little duders (yes, that's my name for him) is up and about...I think he's searching our upstairs looking for me. I keep hearing doors open and close. Oh, there he is!

Good morning, sunshine! And there's Lucky, snoozing in the background...

Time to get this day started! It's going to be beautiful today...a glorious fall day to spend outside!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Acorns and Olaf

This week, G was studying the letter "O" at daycare. This means that we had to really brainstorm ideas for toys that begin with the letter O (they bring toys each week to share with the class.) I came up with a toy orange, but...that wasn't good enough. We don't have a toy owl, or orangutan, or ocelot. Or ox, for that matter. Thank goodness Scott said, "What about Olaf?" (You know...the snowman from the movie "Frozen".)

Ava wasn't really happy with this suggestion because G doesn't have an Olaf toy, but...she does! It's the tiniest little Olaf you could imagine; it was rescued from inside a chocolate egg. I finally told her that if G lost her Olaf, I'd buy her a bigger one to replace it. Needless to say...the Olaf made it home safely on Thursday night!

Ava and I have been collecting acorns to use in fall craft projects. I found a method of preserving them, so we can use them year after year. Hers are in great shape, but I picked up some that had bugs in them. Yuck. Apparently maggots can pop right out of them when it's time! (All maggots were contained and did not get loose in the home, for the record.) So, yesterday, as I was working in the afternoon, I decided it was time to start the preservation process. I got rid of any with holes or cracks, washed off any dirt, and then baked them for two hours at 200F. That should ensure that no more maggots make a surprise appearance. Today, I'm going to hot glue any loose tops back on, spray them with a clear coat, and then they'll be ready to use. It's been a while since I've done anything crafty, so I'm looking forward to it. I bought a really cute table runner on Etsy, so I'm excited to see how this all comes together!

Last night, Ava and G had the very last overnight at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house. They are moving to Florida in the very near future, so it's a bittersweet time. We will miss having them in MN, but know they will enjoy their new location...especially while it's freezing in MN!

Scott and I enjoyed our child-free night...we had a belated anniversary dinner, and then spontaneously decided to go to a movie (with online reservations available for movies now, "spontaneous" isn't always successful when it comes to seeing a show!) We saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle...and it was good! It's not one that we could watch with kids as it's pretty violent, so I'm glad we could see it in the theater (I bet it's been over 9 months since I've been to a movie with just Scott.) There are some scenes with a meat grinder that had me gagging at Scott's suggestion to have grilled hamburgers tonight. I guess we'll see...!

The restaurant brought us a red velvet cupcake to share for our celebration...yummy!

My parents are coming over for dinner tonight, so I'm looking forward to a productive day, and a fun night. Happy Sunday!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The "Silk" Anniversary

More work, work, work this week...not much fun. But today is a special's our wedding anniversary! Twelve years ago, Scott and I got married on a rainy, cool, autumn day in Minnesota. Someone told me that it was good luck to have it rain on your wedding day...I maintain that's just something people tell the bride so they aren't focused on the crappy weather! I think you make your own luck...and happiness.

I've learned so much about compromise, respect, and love in the last twelve years (ok, I've been with Scott for 17 years, so the learning started even longer ago!)  While things have not always been perfect, I'm happy with where we are right now, and I look forward to spending many more years with him!

Ava and G both had good weeks...there was baton twirling, picture day, and an exciting Minecraft update for one kid this week, and the letter "s" toy (soccer ball), constant reminders that your picture day is NEXT week ("not today, be patient"), and a trip to Fleet Farm for the other kid. You figure out which kid belongs to which activities. It's tricky...haha.

We also had fun at Cabela's last weekend!

Last night I helped a friend celebrate her wedding and attended the reception at her house in Wisconsin. My friend Tina and I went as each other's dates, as Scott was supposed to up north, but his best friend's son got sick, so he decided to keep the kids at home, just to be safe. G was so excited to see the chickens at Dan's house, so he was pretty disappointed that "chicken day" didn't happen as planned.

Enjoying the sticky, warm air after the yummy dinner outside...

Oddly enough, we took a similar pic in the party bus ride back to the hotel. There were disco lights, a sofa, fuzzy pillows, and a fireplace on the bus...and also a bunch of kids. I don't think that's the normal clientele for this kind of bus!

Oh, we do have some sad news...our fish, Bloop, went belly up on Friday. I received a distraught call from Ava near the end of the day. I felt so bad for her...we had a little burial for Bloop in our garden box (Scott broke the shovel handle while digging, so we also had a burial service for the handle, lol) and we're going to put up a little marker, so we always know where Bloop was laid to rest. He was with us for 1.5 years, which I think is a pretty long time for a fish. We'll see how long it takes us to get another one!

This weekend flew by, and there is still so much left to do. The next few weeks are going to be really busy with work, and then we are heading into the holiday season. Insane at how quickly time is flying by!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Brought to you by the letter T

I'm having a hard time remembering what we did this week, other than go to work, school, and daycare. I guess every week can't be filled with super exciting activities!

Ava started her baton twirling class again this past Tuesday...there are only two kids in the class, including her, so she'll receive some solid attention and direction in the instruction. I'm glad she decided to keep taking the's good for her to have a non-school activity that she can participate in.

Since G moved classrooms recently, he gets to bring in toys from home to share with his class. This week, he brought in a Paw Patrol book, and also a toy that started with the letter T. We talked about bringing in a toy tiger, a trumpet, a train, and then G found a truck to bring in. I had no idea we had so many toys that started with the letter T!

Yesterday, Ava, my mom, and I went to a local craft show. It was very small, but amazingly, we still found stuff to buy...of course! We ran into Grandma Deb while we were there, so we had a chance to chat for a bit. I told Ava that she was surrounded by all of the most important women in her life. She didn't seem too impressed. Lol

We're heading out for a nice brunch shortly and then will go shopping so Scott can start to get prepped for hunting season. I can't believe it's already time for that again! Happy Sunday!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

I Love Routine!

We're back at it! The routine has been re-established and it's sooo good. Now that Ava's older, we made a few changes in her school routine...she is now responsible for packing her own lunches and snacks every day. After packing a lunch every single day for her this past summer, I am quite happy to pass the torch along for this task!

Our little G has now taken to getting up earlier, and likes to hang out while Ava and I are getting ready in the morning (previously, he would hang out in his room and sleep until I came to wake him up after Ava already had her breakfast.) That change has also altered the morning routine a bit...Ava is now getting most of her breakfast ready, while I'm tending to G and getting him ready for the day. I'm grateful that Ava can take care of that part on her own, but I do miss the one-on-one time that it gave to us each weekday. We just need to find another time slot for that to happen!

Ava had a great first week of 4th grade. She loves her new teacher (she told us that Ms. Z likes to tease!) and has enjoyed playing with some new friends in her class. No homework yet, which surprises me. I'm convinced that she had the most homework in Kindergarten! I keep telling her that as she gets older, she will have homework, so she should enjoy this time now!
A baker has been a consistent future occupation for a while now...

G also moved to a new classroom, and has a new teacher. I'm not sure if he actually changed the type of class he went to, or if this was just a physical room move (I'm aware THAT did happen!)  It's usually a little crazy when I drop him off each day, so I don't always get the chance to ask basic questions like that...

We had a fun Labor Day gathering last weekend...good food, fun friends, and the kids had a blast playing games and being really, REALLY loud. G finally got to bed around 10:30pm that night! It was nice to take a break and relax for a bit...and I'm convinced that we should always have three-day weekends. It's the perfect amount of time to get everything done, yet, still have a chance to relax and enjoy the time off.

Scott and I enjoyed some drinks on the front porch until the storm came in last Sunday evening. 
Side note: I'm going to try to keep this succulent alive in the garage this winter...I love the yellow and orange blooms that open and close each day!

I wanted a snack during the week, and this turned out to be perfect...goldfish and wine!

We have new construction happening in the southern part of our neighborhood, so we checked out the equipment during our walk last night. SO BIG!

In comparison, this weekend has been way too short. I'm already looking forward to next weekend...I just want to skip right over this work week!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Gettin' Ready

It's the last week of summer, what?! We had a very busy Wednesday night planned, and then I realized we also needed to squeeze in a trip to the elementary school to drop off Ava's school supplies. Ava was able to get everything settled into her desk, and then we zoomed off to the library, Target, and shoe shopping. Yesterday I added money to her online school lunch account, have the lunch menus ready to go, and even have our calendars filled in with all upcoming activities.

I need to buy a few clothes for her online, and we are set! Luckily, she has plenty of clothes to get her by until I'm able to finish that up. Lol.

Ava is ready and excited for school to start...and I'm excited to get back into a normal routine. And for my morning commute to go back to normal...I was driving her 20 minutes away every morning for childcare, and now she'll be back at her school, which is only a few miles away. Scott's pretty happy about that, too, since he does the pickup every day!

Even Ava was looking for ways to get the morning to run more smoothly...when I came upstairs from time on my treadmill earlier this week, I found these three notes on the basement door. I love this girl!

It's slow going on the potty training front. G is still struggling with the #2 situation, even though he's fully aware when he's having an accident. We keep trying different things to get him to go to the bathroom,'s not going so well. Oh well...he'll get there!
To help celebrate the end of summer, we are having some neighbors and friends over for a feast this afternoon/evening. We have a ton of meat that Scott is prepping to smoke today, and some simple sides. Hoping the weather is sunny and nice so we can enjoy the last days of this season. We need to soak in the warmth while we have it!