Sunday, June 11, 2017

Emus and Roos!

We've been blessed with beautiful weather for the last several days. And with lovely weather comes the chance to be outside, doing fun summery activities!

I took off of work on Monday so G and I could have a mommy/son day. We ran errands in the morning, got my car washed, took him in for a much needed haircut, and then headed to the zoo for the "Big Beaks and Wide Wingspans" class. We've taken a class at the zoo each summer for the last three years, and I was sad to realize this was his final toddler class. We will have to find some kind of replacement for next year!

It's been fun watching home become more engaged in the classes over the years.  He participated fully this year, and it was clear he was one of the older kids in the class. One woman had her hands full with a little guy, who didn't want to sit down, and was crying...I remember those days very well...

He was slithering on the ground like a snake...sssssss!

Holly the Parrot!

And a really big millipede...G didn't want to touch it, so he waved at it, and said hello. Good enough for me!

This was in 2015 - the first year we went to a class at the zoo. He only wanted to play at the table, and didn't want to learn about frogs/fish

This was in 2016 - we learned about the hissin' and hootin' animals! G was a little more engaged, but still mostly focused on the toys...

Back to 2017...after we learned all about birds and bugs (the bugs portion were a surprise...I thought it was going to be all about birds,) we headed over to the new Australia exhibit at the zoo. We walked among the kangaroos, wallabies, and emus. In my mind, kangaroos were always upright, but in reality, they walk on all fours!

Enjoying lunch in the sun

What a perfect bench!

It was hot and the kangaroos were sleepy...

Roo in the background!

We had a great time at the zoo, but we both hit our wall, and were happy to be back home for a late nap, and to cool off. I went to Wonder Woman with my mom that night, so I needed to rest up so I could enjoy it. What a fantastic movie! Perfect day and night!

Tuesday was Ava's last day of third grade. I cannot believe that we have a fourth grader. When did that happen?! Both of these kids are growing up too fast!

Scott took Wednesday - Friday off of work, as we didn't have childcare for Ava before her Summer Power program starts on Monday. They had some pretty excellent adventures...bowling, zoo, fun meals out... plus, Scott was able to get the beginnings of our irrigation system installed. For assistance, he recruited my dad for Friday, and then the neighbor/neighbor's father-in-law on Saturday. It's not done, but it has a good start to it!

We also celebrated my mom's birthday on Friday and an assortment of mini bundt cakes. Yum! Happy, happy!

On Saturday, we had two grad parties to go was good to relax, let the kids play with new friends, and be out of the house for a while. We've got another party to go to today, and that's for a cousin who is graduating. I'm excited to see the family we haven't seen in a while!

This Thursday, Ava, my mom, and I leave for NYC! I may take a hiatus from posting next week...maybe! Check back in to see what adventures we had while in New York!

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