Sunday, April 23, 2017

Forty One!

We had a great Easter last weekend! The kids woke up to sunshiney day, an egg hunt, and a yummy brunch. By some crazy luck, both Ava and G found the same number of eggs (13)! Ava is such a good big sister...there were two golden eggs, and Ava found them both, but she pointed out the second one to G so he could have a golden egg, too. Even though she gets irritated with G at times, she really watches out for him...I love that!


After our fun morning, we headed over to Scott's uncle's house for Easter dinner with the family. It was a lovely day, so we spent most of it outside, enjoying the sun and watching the kids play in the yard. Surprisingly, they both enjoyed playing bat & ball the best. We asked Ava if she wanted to try playing softball and she said no...but, I think we'll keep working on that with her.

On Wednesday night, I attended a gardening class with some neighbors. Now we're super excited to start designing and planting our gardens. Last night, I almost picked up some seed potatoes, but decided I had no idea what we would do with the 75 pound yield it promised. Yikes! We'd be eating potatoes forever!

Friday was my birthday! It's been a year since we celebrated my 40th in the hospital with G, so I was super happy to wake up in my own bed for #41. It was a gorgeous day (it usually rains on my birthday) so I was able to enjoy a yummy lunch, a free Caribou, and a walk outside over lunch. That night, we met up with my parents for a casual dinner out and then topped it off by coming back to our place for cake, ice cream, and gift opening. Fun! #41 was a great day...low key, relaxed, and sunny. The best!

On Saturday, G and I tagged along on a play date with Ava and her friend, Jacob. We met him at a park, and had a blast playing in the sun and sand. To be honest, I sat on the bench and enjoyed the sun, while the kids played. But, G and I did go on a walk to explore this new (to us) park. The rest of the afternoon flew by...and then my parents came over to watch the kids, so Scott and I could go out for my birthday dinner. We enjoyed some good Italian food, and did some errands...always easier without the littles! By the time we got home, we were both pretty tired, but we made our best effort to stay awake. I'm pretty sure I was sleeping by 9:30. Seems that my age is catching up to me!

Today looks to be another beautiful day, and we have plans to spend most of it outside. Hopefully we'll even get the garden ready to go. This is a super Sunday!

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