Sunday, March 26, 2017

Patterns Galore!

With Ava, I'm past the point of picking out her outfits in the morning. I give her some guidance, based on the forecast, and 99% of the time, her chosen outfit will pass. Every once in a while, I have to to put my foot down, but usually, she's presentable. On picture days, though, I make the choice!

Last week, I was in her room, checking in on her before-school progress, and I happened to notice that her outfit had stripes, polka dots, and leopard prints...all at the same time. I thought it was interesting enough that I put it on Facebook...and it turns out that my friends with little girls see the same thing in their house, too! I love the creativity and the lack of concern about what other people will think about her. I hope she maintains that as she's transitioning into the next phase of her life.

G, on the other hand is very concerned about matching. He always wants to make sure his socks have at least one color in them that is on his shirt. Unless his Toy Story alien socks are clean...he'll wear those with any outfit! Yesterday, I let him choose his own outfit, and he ended up with a black and green TMNT shirt, and a pair of blue and gray camo sweatpants. win some, you lose some.

G's daycare hosted "Breakfast with a Friend" last week, so I dined with my little guy. We had donuts, bananas, pastries, and juice boxes. It was a great way to start our day! Then, when I got to work, a coworker had donuts for her birthday, and then a team who moved into a recently renovated space had donuts, as well. Donuts galore! (I only had the mini donut with G, though.)

Ava and I are going to Beauty and The Beast today...I think I'm more excited than she is! Next week is her spring break, and one of their field trips is to see that at the movies, as well. Lucky girl! Last night, she and I stayed up late to watch the second Harry Potter movie. It's taking us a while to get through them, since they are so long...but we're enjoying the time we get to spend together. Lots of movies lately!

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