Sunday, August 23, 2015

Movie Madness

It has been a week of movies!  Ava has seen 4 new movies this week, and went to the Saints game...lucky girl!  She watched a movie at Summer Power (last week at the school, next week she moves to the YMCA location to finish out the summer) and then we had family movie night on Friday.  I had recorded Disney's Descendants, and two out of the four of us enjoyed it.  The other two (hint: male) were both in his crib, the other on the family room floor.  Oh well, we girls liked it!

Totally enthralled with Descendants...check out that popcorn machine light in the back!

Ava and I went to the movie theater to watch Shaun the Sheep this morning.  The only thing I struggled with was what to eat?  We had breakfast already, and the movie was at 10am.  Too early for popcorn?  Neither of us were very hungry, so we both sipped on some Gatorades...although, my little movie date had mentioned mini-donuts initially...  In any case, the movie was SO cute!  We had watched Shaun the Sheep for years on Netflix, so it was fun to see a new movie featuring our favorite sheep and dog.  And farmer. Oh that silly, silly farmer!

I took Friday morning off and brought G to the Minnesota Zoo for his Toddler Time class (Animal Dads.)  He had absolutely no interest in the class, but loved playing with the daubers.  I think next year, when he's a bit older, he'll enjoy the classes a bit more.

We're getting him ready to play Bingo with us when he gets older...

He also started his first week at his new daycare.  The first day he did great, and then he was sad off and on for the rest of the week.  His teachers did a wonderful job distracting him, and keeping him focused on the fun things in his new classroom.  He also picked up pinkeye, which is a bummer.  Scott took him to the clinic this morning, and he's on medication, so hopefully it'll clear up quickly.  And I really hope that none of the rest of us pick it up!

This is a super cute pic from earlier this summer with the little boy next door!  He's just 7 months older than G, so hopefully they'll play together well over the years!

Sibling Construction...which later became Sibling Deconstruction.  Mega Blocks were flying everywhere!

Scott and I got our new phones, and I'm absolutely in love with having a piece of technology that works. Consistently.  And quickly!  My biggest concern was porting over all of the pictures, texts, contacts, etc., and Motorola made it painless...they have a great app which did it in no time!  Welcome to 2012, Dee...

Off to wrap up some more household projects!  We got our new steam cleaner yesterday, and I had so much "fun" cleaning the patio door tracks, as well as steam cleaning the bathroom floors.  At least it looks good!

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