Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hoppy Easter!

It's been a wonderful holiday weekend, filled with fun times with friends and family.  I had a chance to head out with a friend on Friday night and catch up for a bit.  At about 9pm, I hit my wall, and we both decided it was time to head home.  But, regardless, it was great to be out and enjoy a Friday night with a friend!

Scott worked all day on Saturday, but when he got home, we packed up the kids and headed out to a nice dinner as a family.  G was a hit at the restaurant, as all of the staff kept coming by to say hi and check on him.  And he even got to practice his flirting skills with our cute, blond server.  Whenever she was around, he couldn't take his eyes off of her.  And he even yelled "HI!" at her from across the bar.  Oh boy...

Today was a flurry of activity...the Easter Bunny came, and Ava was so, so patient, and waited until after G was up before really digging into her Easter basket.  G did really well and found 5 eggs on his own during the egg hunt, although, I'm pretty sure that he thought they were just funny shaped balls.  And THEN, one of them popped open and jelly beans went flying everywhere!  But, he was just as happy to carry around an empty egg. :)

We had fun coloring eggs, and then headed out to Scott's Uncle Dale's house for the traditional Easter gathering.  It was calm and low-key, and there was great food.  It was a perfect way to spend a holiday afternoon.  The weather wasn't as nice as last year's Easter get together, but at least it wasn't snowing!

Making pancakes with Daddy!

Oh boy, he's learning so early...

Silly Scott!

 The Easter Bunny came!

Love Ava's face, the fact that G is eye-ing up Ava's basket, silly Lucky sneaking in to attack...and then there's a runaway orange egg.

A rainbow of egg dye!


The kids are hyped up on sugar, and little G missed his afternoon nap.  I'm thinking it's going to be an early bedtime tonight for all!  Happy Easter!

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