Sunday, March 22, 2015

For the Love of a Vacuum

The kids and I had a great day yesterday (Scott was working on a big project.)  Ava finished up her homework (Spring Break is this coming week, so now she'll have 9 homework-free days), painted several pictures for people, and was a very good helper with G for me. 

G is exploring more ways to get into trouble in the house, and really likes discovering what we keep in our lower kitchen cabinets.  He doesn't seem to listen to "no" quite as well as Ava did...rather, he listens, looks at me while I'm saying it, and then just keeps on doing whatever he shouldn't be doing...all while smiling.  Stinker.  It's a good thing he's so cute!!

Last night, we helped Grandma Deb celebrate her 60th birthday....there was lots of great food, gag gifts, and friends to help enjoy the evening! Happy Birthday, Mom/Grandma/Deb - we love you!

Ava looked like a minion in these joke glasses!

If there's one thing that Ava has been frightened of since, well, forever, it's the vacuum.  I'm not sure what triggered that fear, but she is convinced that it's going to suck her up, or something.  Whenever we would go to a new house, one of her first questions would be, "Where's your vacuum?"  Even now, she freaks out when I bring it out, and wants to know exactly where I'll be using it.

So, this morning, imagine my surprise when I find Garrett inspecting the vacuum, and then he gave it a hug!  After I got over my initial, "Yuck, that vacuum is dirty and he's hugging it!!" I had to laugh.  Ava hates it, and apparently G thinks it's a new friend.  Guess I know who'll be helping me with vacuuming in the future!  And Ava can help me dust.  Although, she doesn't like doing chores, but too bad!  (She's reading this as I'm typing...see, Ava!  You will do chores!)  (Ah, she spanked me - help!)

I'm taking Ava to see Cinderella this afternoon.  We're both pretty excited to see it, and have a mommy-daughter experience.  "looking forward to Popcorn"...that is Ava's contribution to this post, she typed it, so it must be true!  Plus, it looks a little dreary outside, so it'll be a good way to spend an afternoon inside, as well as the day with my favorite daughter!

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