Sunday, February 8, 2015


Whew...I had to take last weekend off from posting, as I worked both days to prepare for my big project launch this week.  Phase 1 has launched, and we're looking at launching several more phases over the new several weeks.  It's a great feeling to know that much of the pre-work is done, and now the ops team can come in and start to manage the project...and that my hours should hopefully drop down to a more manageable level.  I have a great director, who is very aware of my hours, and is doing what she can to get those back to a normal level.  It's been so nice to have work-free time at home this weekend, and spend time with my family!

G had his 15-month appointment on Friday.  He's in the 75% for height, and 34% for weight...tall and skinny!  Everything checked out great, and he took his shots like a champ.  He's had a bit of a reaction to his DTP vaccine (loss of appetite, throwing up, and a fever) but he's still managing to be a cheery little guy.  And, he also has his molars coming in, so we're going to have some fun times, shortly.  All of these new teeth certainly explain the copious amounts of drool!

We were in the exam room, and when the doctor walked in, he said hi to us, and then started looking through some papers.  G piped up with this tiny little "Hi" and the doctor whipped around and asked me if he had just said hi. :)  It was adorable, perfectly timed, and considering how well the rest of his appointment went, the doctor thanked us for starting his day off so well, especially since 15-month appointments can be difficult, due to the child's age.  Ahhhh, G is such a good little guy!

I ended up taking the entire day off (Ava was at school, and G then went to daycare) and had fun sorting through some larger clothes that had been given to G.  I'm so used to baby clothes being cutesy, so when I run across a few random, funny things, it makes me laugh.

There are so many things about this t-shirt that make me happy...

Because everyone needs an angry giraffe in their lives...

So, G is fantastic, like usual, but what about Ava?  Oh, Ava...Ava, Ava, Ava...  The last few weeks she's had mostly green days at school, and has been listening well.  But, that wasn't the case a few weeks ago...

Ava's school assigns days depending on the child's behavior; green is good, yellow is adequate (they need a few reminders to listen/pay attention/etc), red is bad (those reminders didn't do any good), and then there is blue...I didn't even know there was a blue day.  Blue is REALLY bad.  Bad, bad, bad. 

The week we were in Mexico, we talked to Ava several times.  She didn't have school on Monday, got a green day on Tuesday, a yellow day on Wednesday (too much talking), and a red day on Thursday.  The trend was going in the wrong direction, but never, ever did I think she'd end the week on a blue day.  As I was sitting by the pool on Friday afternoon, I realized I missed a call from her school (didn't recognize the number) and then I get a text from Grandma Deb that Ava had a blue day.  Turns out that she and another little girl in her class decided to try to flood the bathroom by stuffing paper towels down the drain.  Awesome! (Not.)  She got sent to the principal's office, and we had her write several apology letters to the staff (principal, teacher, and janitor) and explained how she had violated the school's cardinal codes. 

Turns out that she also told her teacher that she didn't have to listen because her parents weren't around (right, because we were relaxing in Mexico, blissfully unaware that our sassy daughter was headed for a life of crime!) 

Ava admitted that she knew what she was doing was wrong, so we explained why she just needed to walk away next time, and it seems that she understood.  So, imagine our surprise when we got ANOTHER call from the school the following Tuesday.  The principal called both Scott and me, and explained that Ava and the same little girl were sticking their tongues out at the lunch lady, and being very sassy toward them.  The principal tracked them down in the hallway and verbally laid into them, to the point where Ava started crying (Scott and I were both fine with that, for the record.)  Ironically, she got a green day that day. 

What it comes down to is that we ALL agree that Ava and this little girl need to stay away from each other...the little girl constantly gets sent to the principal's office, lies, and takes things that don't belong to her.  The principal, Ava's teacher, Scott and me, and even another little girl in Ava's class have told her NOT to play with her.  If another 7-year old is saying "stay away!" then things must be really rough with the other little girl.  That makes me sad for a variety of reasons, but I need to focus on my child, and make sure that she's making good decisions.

We're just taking each day as it comes, and are using these as life lessons for Ava (and us.)  No one ever said it was easy being a parent, right?  Right!

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