Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just Another Winter Storm...

Last Monday was such a good day...I took the day off to take care of both Ava and Garrett, but Ava ended up having school (make up day) and at 9:30pm on Sunday, I got a text letting me know that daycare was open on Monday.  That meant I had a day all to myself at home, which never, EVER happens.  Instead of taking it easy, I was super productive and got a long list of things done.  And it felt great!  Fast forward to Friday...well, actually Thursday night.  We got hit with a massive winter storm.  My drive home from work wasn't horrible, but I had to run (slide?) to the grocery store after I made it to Rosemount, and WOW, that was a tricky ride home.  I swear, in the 20 minutes I was in the grocery store, the heavens opened up and dropped some really nasty, wet, heavy stuff that had been fluffy, white flakes just moments before.  When I finally made it home, I promptly got stuck in the driveway, and then in the street.  Poor Scott had to come outside to help me he also decided to snowblow at 9pm.  We were both a bit cranky once that ordeal was over.  At the same time, our neighbor was also snowblowing, and his vehicle ended up getting stuck, so it was a great time on our street!

We got the notice that school was cancelled at 5:30am, and then the daycare closed at 8:00am.  I watched a ton of cars get stuck in our neighborhood, so I stayed put.  Didn't go anywhere that day, not even outside!  I ended up taking it as a personal day (no working) but what a difference in a day that was from Monday.  I got absolutely nothing done!  Except for hanging out with Ava and G, so I think that's a pretty good thing, too.

Let's not forget that this then made for another non-five day school week for Ava.  We are currently on the 9th week in a row where she hasn't been in school for five consecutive days. I wonder if she'll be able to celebrate her birthday (June 18) with her classmates this year??

We decided to brave the roads yesterday (still bad) and headed up to the So St Paul VFW.  It was insanely packed - we had no idea that soccer registration was going on...we just wanted to eat some tacos and do the meat raffle.  (I did get my taco fix - YUM!) Scott then headed to downtown St Paul (Crashed Ice final night) while I braved the roads home in his truck.  Yup, his truck is way better than my car in the snow/ice.  My next vehicle may need to have 4WD!  The kids and I had a great night at home...movies, popcorn, bathtime and bed.  And then this mom got to chill out for a bit.  Perfect!

Hanging out...we love his Bumbo!

New stuff to look at - yay!

And apparently for Ava to play with, too...

The drifts are crazy in our backyard - almost over the fence!

Scott and Ava were having fun in the deep snow!


The sun is out, it's currently a balmy 0 degrees, and only Ava is up with me right now.  Hoping for a productive day today, so we can start the week off right.  Happy Sunday!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

This is Real Life

When I take pics of Ava and Garrett, I usually end up taking 30 of them, and I'll be lucky if one or two turns out well, where both are looking at the camera, and maybe even with a grin or two.  We had a picture perfect moment yesterday, with Ava holding Garrett, while both were sitting on our bed.  By the time I ran back with the camera, the moment had deteriorated, but...let's capture the moment anyway!

I love Ava's big bored eyes in this one, like "Why won't he be quiet?  I'm trying to stuff a pacifier in his mouth!"

Ava says, "I have completely lost interest in holding Garrett, and would much rather watch SpongeBob..."

And, done.  Garrett is now closer to the unicorn's butt, than he is to his sister.  But, I think he has stopped crying.  Bonus!

We also located Ava's Bumbo chair and decided to see how Garrett liked a different view of the world.  We noticed he was starting to get a bald spot from lying down in his crib/swing/car seat so much. :)

I think he likes it!

We had a very nice Valentine's Day this past Friday.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at home, complete with chocolates, wine and flowers.  We ended up going out for dinner as a family on Thursday night, instead, and the restaurants were packed then, so I can only imagine how crazy they were on Friday night!

I also picked up G's three month photos this week...I think they turned out great!

Ava was sent home earlier this week with strep throat - we cannot catch a break in this house!  I think we might just have a full 5-day week coming up...for Ava.  Tomorrow is a make-up day at school - she was supposed to be off for President's Day, but due to all of the school closings in January, her district decided it was to be an instructional day.  Hooray!  G still doesn't have daycare, but that means that I will spend a nice, quiet day at home with him.  We'll have to squeeze in a few errands after we drop Ava off at school tomorrow morning, but am looking forward to some down time with the little guy.

Where do the weekends go?  It seems like they fly by, and before we know it, it's Sunday night, and we have to start the week all over again.  So much to do...and just not enough time...

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Another week, another blink of an eye...and I only managed to take two pictures in the last seven days!  Poor G, at least I have a baby book started for him!

So, while schools were in session for five days this past week, Ava was only there for four of them.  She was sent home with a fever and a froggy voice on Tuesday morning.  Thank goodness for Grandpa Whitey who was able to watch her during the day, so Scott and I could stay at work.  Her fever stuck around for a very short amount of time and she went back to school on Wednesday.  She didn't have any red days at school this week, but did manage to talk so much at school that she didn't finish her school work AT school, and had to bring it home to finish it here.  It came with a nice little note from her teacher about how Ava needs to focus and STOP TALKING so much.  (Her note wasn't in caps - that's just my frustration coming through!)  I have a feeling it's just going to get worse...that girl is never quiet!

Ava just came home from an overnight with Grandma and Grandpa - she went to see The Lego Movie, and it sounds like she was a very good girl while staying with them.  If she gets all green days until the end of March, she is going to have a very big surprise, promised to her by Grandma and Grandpa...let's see if she can do it!

Garrett has started giggling, which is just about the cutest thing ever!  He's still a happy, content, good little guy.  He did manage to projectile vomit an entire bottle on Sheila on Wednesday, but after that, he was back to his smiley self.  We all think it was a massive air bubble that caused it, and not because he was sick.

Anyone who has cut babies fingernails knows how unnerving it can be.  Little G had some long nails that needed to be attended to (yes, I had cut them previously, but they grow like weeds!)  The perfect time is to tackle them when he's done eating, and passed out in a milk coma.  Finally, our little guy was declawed yesterday!  He definitely has my fingers, but with his nails a little longer, they looked even more like mine.  So, at the same time they were scratching me and everyone within reach, they still made me smile.  It's silly, I know.  But it's nice to finally see me in at least one of my kids!

Sweet dreams, little G!

We were able to go out to a new (to us) Mexican restaurant in the area last night.  There was a little baby (actually, lots and lots of families) a few tables away from us who was staring intently at the guy sitting next to us.  At one point the baby suddenly looked scared and started crying, but within 30 seconds went back to staring.  He was just SO focused on this guy, and everyone in the surrounding tables was enjoying watching the interaction.  I also enjoyed a VERY good margarita!  A big thanks to my neighbor, Emily, for recommending it - yummy!!  Emily and I had fun hanging out on Friday night watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics and enjoying some local wine.  This seals my opinion that all people named Emily (or Emilie :) ) are fun!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Polar Vortex, Part Deux

Maybe, just MAYBE, this coming week, Ava will be in school for five whole days.  In a ROW.  Last Monday and Tuesday, schools were closed again due to the arctic temps.  However, unlike Polar Vortex, Part One...this time, I had to go to work.  So, Scott and I worked out a crazy schedule where he went in at 12:30am, came home at 9:30am, I took G to daycare and left for work, and then Scott was a walking zombie for the rest of the day.  A big shout out to Grandma Deb who came to our rescue on Tuesday...she watched Ava for the day, so Scott didn't have to go in at the stroke of midnight.  But when you start your week off as a zombie, you never quite shake that mode until the weekend...

I hear the groundhog saw his shadow - so six more weeks of winter?  That would be AWESOME if we only had six more weeks of winter!  Let's not do a repeat of last year where it was still snowing in May.

So, in Ava's three days of school this week, she managed to have two green days, and one red one.  Red due to talking, of course.  Can we duct tape her mouth shut!?  Is that legal??  I kid.  Eh, kind of.  I asked her why she talks so much.  She gave me a look and answered dryly, "Because I like to talk."  Like I was a moron for asking such a simple question.  She's getting fun to spar with (verbally) - although, the adult male in our house doesn't quite see it that way.  On "the-day-of-the-red", I asked her why she got a red day, we talked about it for a few minutes, and then moved on to reading about Charlie Mouse, finding Christmas.  10 minutes into our story, Scott pipes up from the couch and tells us we (Ava and me) to stop fighting so much. (Looking back, I think he was speaking in broad terms, and not necessarily in that moment...)  However, I took the opportunity to look at Ava and say, "We're not fighting, are we, darling Ava?"  Ava sweetly replied, "No, Mommy, we're not fighting."  And then I said, "See, Scott, we're not fighting!"  After that, I *might* have heard some grumblings from Scott about ganging up on him, and how we was going to take Garrett and go far, far away from the crazy, crabby girls... It made me laugh.  And sometimes, that's exactly what is needed!

As for the actual sweet, angelic child...G is constantly having awesome days at daycare.  I took it as a compliment when Sheila said he's all smiles and giggles, and only cries when hungry.  And that's why #2 is our easy child.  I took him to get his three-month photos yesterday, and he did SO well!  We captured some amazing pics - can't wait to pick them up in a few weeks.  We went to a new place for photos, and I'm very pleased with how the experience went.  I let him sleep in on Friday, and didn't wake him up to eat.  He went an extra hour, so that was another 10-hour solid night's sleep.  He is such a blessing!

Scott finished framing our storage area in the basement this weekend - we just need to get a door hung, and we'll be ready to get that area organized.  I'm impressed that he got as far as he did, considering the zombie effect, and long working hours he put in.  There are so many little projects that we have to do around here, I think we'll be busy for years!  In fact, last night, I was having a dream about decorating our bathroom, and was asking for advice (that scenario has happened in real life many times recently, so clearly, it's top of mind)...and whoever I was speaking with in my dream said, "So, the trick to decorating a space perfectly is..."  And then G started crying and woke me up!  I was pretty disappointed that I didn't learn this secret trick...

My 2nd week back to work was totally fine - nothing extraordinary (besides the crazy hours due to the weather.)  I'm making lots of observations on the "troubled account" I've been put on, and will be speaking with management about those.  It feels really, really good to focus my brain on work-related stuff - more proof that I just don't have the right built-in mindset to be a stay at home mom (lots of women do, I'm just not one of them.)  I need to have that working distraction, so I can more fully appreciate my time at home.  Glad I have finally realized and accepted that!

As for the last 48 hours, we have been buuuuusy!  I had a happy hour on Friday night; yesterday, we had the three-month photos with G, and then Ava, G and I went to Good Times Park, and met up with our friend Amy, and her two girls.  All the girls played and played and played...and then we ate lunch, and somehow got talked into going BACK to the park so they could play for another hour.  (Meanwhile, at home, Scott had finished up the framing, and was enjoying a boys outing at the VFW in SSP - he even won us some bacon-wrapped chicken at the meat raffle!) 

Today is going to be just as busy...Scott took Ava and G to visit Great-Grandma this morning, we have someone coming over to look at buying some furniture from us, then Scott's sister and family are stopping over to visit, and then I'm heading over to a neighbor's house to meet the neighbor who moved in right behind us last month!  And THEN it's the Super Bowl!  WOOOHOOOOO!  Of course, the Broncos need to win.

Clearly, we're all going to be exhausted by day's end!