Saturday, November 23, 2013

Almost Done? Maybe?

Remember my whole spiel about planning and how we can try our best, but unexpected things generally come up and can prevent us from completing "the plans"?  I had really high hopes for this past week...really high.  And then those came crashing down when Ava got sick over the past weekend.  She was sick from Saturday-Tuesday...throwing up, not able to eat, etc.  When I took her to the doctor, it was determined she had a stomach bug, and the only thing they could do for her was to give her anti-nausea medicine.

Out of the two of us, I'm generally the one who is like "Eh, it's a cold....or a virus.  She'll get over it.  No need to panic."  Scott's the one that will generally get worked up first and worried.  And it's good how we balance each other out.  But, Ava lost several pounds over those few days, and the sight of how skinny she was really scared me. That's probably the most worried I have been for her in the last five years.  BUT, it's all good now.  She was at home with me and Garrett on Monday and Tuesday, and then was back to her normal, chattering self for the rest of the week.  The only residual thing that we're dealing with it the couch...she threw up on it.  Yuck.  So, on Monday, we have an appointment for a upholstery cleaning - and they needed to be cleaned anyway, so in the end, it all worked out ok.  Can't wait to have our nice, clean couches back!

So, that was one wrench in the plans.  The other was that last Sunday I think I had a mini-baby blues episode.  I had no motivation to do anything, and didn't even really want to talk to anyone.  Maybe I was just tired.  I don't know.  But, I do know that nothing was going to get done with that state of mind.  Thank goodness it was short lived...I snapped out of it pretty quickly when I had to step up and get Ava to the doctor.  And then the rest of the week was a whirlwind of shuffling boxes and trying to get daycare set up for G (no luck yet. YIKES!)

Scott's hunting this weekend (I am a pretty nice wife for letting him leave guilt-free when he has a newborn at home - and a house/garage full of things that need to be unpacked and moved.)  The good news is that he got a deer last night, so he's coming home tomorrow morning, and already has plans to make us pancakes!  And once he's home, I'm leaving for a bit to run some errands and take a bit of "me" time.  It hasn't been a bad weekend though...Ava and I rented Monsters University last night, I had a nice long chat with a good friend who's been on vacation, and I also managed to get the study boxes a bit more organized so we can start working on that room.  In the process I discovered another TWELVE boxes for the kitchen.  What??  I'm kinda thinking that if we didn't miss the stuff for the last 6 months, we might not miss it...permanently. 

Ava and I worked on her room for several hours this morning, and we are going through each box of toys and books to see what we should keep and what we should donate.  She's doing pretty well with the donation idea, so that pleases me. We've seriously got an awesome donation pile right now.  Feels pretty good!

My parents are coming to town on Tuesday, so it'll be great to have an extra few hands around the house.  Oh, and of course, I'm sure they'd like to meet Garrett and see the new digs! :)  Scott's already got my dad lined up for some projects...assembling our new kitchen table/chairs, working on a part for G's crib (poor little guy is still in the pack n play until Scott can get that broken piece fabricated for the crib!) and probably enjoying some beers. :)

For me, I'm hoping my mom will provide me some encouragement to get the rest of these boxes unpacked.  Or at least most of them!  It appears there's only so much time in the day, though...I can't imagine why Scott doesn't want me unpacking our last three boxes for our bedroom at 3am.  I'm awake...why isn't he?  Ha!

Garrett's still doing great...sometimes he goes a few hours without eating, and sometimes, it's on the hour that he gets hungry.  I'm trying to figure out when he'll get more into a routine.  But, until then, I'm his beck-and-call cow...moooooo!

Enjoying some of the caramel apple cookies we made together...SO good!

Love this little cake the hospital gave us after Garrett was born

Getting used to holding G - only once did he roll off her lap...

Love this little monkey!

So I worked on unpacking those twelve kitchen boxes tonight...and this was the end result of unwrapping all of the glassware.  OMG!  What a mess!

So. Much. Stuff. 
TOO much stuff!

Serious moment between big sister and little brother

That serious moment didn't last long...I had to step in before things went horribly wrong here!

Right now, Ava and I are watching Tangled, and G is dealing with a big case of the hiccups.  Last night I was in bed by 10pm, so let's see how late I make it tonight. :)

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