Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun at the Fair!

We haven't taken Ava to the Minnesota State Fair yet, as we feel that she is still too small.  That, plus, we both get irritated by the strollers that continuously run over our feet, hit our heels, and take up too much space in an already crowded venue.  We both agreed that we wouldn't take her to the state fair until she was at least 5 years old, and could actually enjoy (which means that we wouldn't have to carry her the whole time - because we were NOT going to bring a stroller there!)

However!  A county fair is a completely different story! Yesterday, Ava and I met up with my friend Tina, her two kids (remember Spencer from the July 4th adventure?  "Spencer!  Spencer!  Carry me, Spencer!"), her niece, and a neighborhood friend.  2 adults and 5 kids is what I consider to be beautiful chaos.  Especially when one of them is a sassy 3-year old. :)  We ended up going to the Dakota County Fair, which was definitely a county fair, but fun, nonetheless!

We sorta ate our way through the fair (not as good as the MN State Fair), but I found my new love - cookie dough on a stick!  My creation was 3 balls of sugar cookie dough, dipped in butterscotch, and dipped in rainbow sprinkles.  Ava also took one bite, and wanted nothing to do with Sepncer's mini-donuts after that! We both had just a bit too much sugar yesterday - but really, what else is a fair for??

Oh, we saw some animals - swines, cows, chickens, and bunnies.  We completely missed the bunny agility contest, which in retrospect, might have been interesting.  We met a chicken who was 2 weeks away from being on your plate at McDonalds.  And I got a kick out of the pork chops on a stick right outside the swine barn.  That, and the guy who was eating a hot dog sitting right next to the pigs.  I love irony!

Most importantly, we hit the rides!  Luckily, they had rides appropriate for Ava, so we were were able to enjoy the fun, just like the big kids.  Now, my parents very rarely let me go on midway rides when I was growing up.  I never thought about it too much until we were stopped at the top of the ferris wheel yesterday, when the weather started getting nasty.  As I was the adult in the group (Tima stayed on the ground), I tried not to look too concerned.  But when Spencer made a comment that the jerky movement of the wheel springing back to life was "different", I allowed myself a little panic. I actually had an internal question of how many people have died on ferris wheels!  (I have yet to google it.)  And now I know why I never went on those rides as a kid.

In any case, Ava loved it, and she did NOT want to go home!  The cookie dough on a stick was an excellent way to lure her away from the rides.  Tasty, and useful!

Looking cute for the fair!

Catching a ride on Spencer's shoulders


Holding on for dear life on the carousel

On the ferris wheel!

Riding the puppy ride - really annoying barking included!

Doesn't this thing move any faster?!?

This was totally a sneak peek into the state fair in a few weeks...good times ahead!


Anonymous said...

Ava sure looked like she had a great time riding the rides.

Megan said...

Looks like Charlie has some competition with old Spencer!!