Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Trip to the Kaposia Playground

My parents gave us a stool that someone had made for me when I was a small child. Ava has taken to using it as her chair, with the glider as her desk. We think it's time to get her a real table & chair set!

We're trying to fit in as many outdoor moments as we can before summer departs. We live right down the block from a newer elementary school, which has two playgrounds. We decided to take a trip down there one night last week after dinner. She had so much fun running and crawling through the equipment, but I think the best part was the slide. Now that she's big enough, we can let her go down the slide on her own...wheeeeeeee!

I love how the sunlight highlights her dimple...priceless!

Daddy thought it would be fun to squirt her in the face in tub. Apparently she liked it - she kept trying to drink the water as it hit her mouth!

Ava has been with Grandma Deb since last night. I went to a couples shower for a good friend, and Scott was up north working on our land. And today, we're heading to the Minnesota State Fair! Cheese curds, Pronto Pups, everything-on-a-stick....oh, how I've missed you! Ava will NOT be joining us today, so it's a date-day for us. YEAH!!!

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Megan said...

looks like there was some static on the slide!!