Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nibbles, Standing, and Britax!

It's been a very busy week - after all of the initial excitement at the beginning of the week, I would have thought that things would have slowed down some.

Wednesday night was probably THE worst night we have had with Ava since we brought her home. For some reason, she couldn't stay asleep. We think she may have slept a total of 3 hours that night. The rest of the time she wanted us to be up with her...playing, talking, rocking, whatever she could think of. Needless to say, both Scott and I were very tired on Thursday.

So I went to pick her up after my exhausted day at work, and what do I see on her cheek? A bite mark from one of the little girls at daycare! I know she didn't mean for it to happen, and in fact, the little girl cried more than Ava did, but I still felt bad for our little peanut. After the girl bit her, Ava cried a little, and then smacked her away. I think we were both a little happy to hear she was defending herself - even though we won't encourage hitting!

She slept GREAT that night, as well as Friday night. Whew!

We've been working with Ava a lot getting her to practice standing. She's able to pull herself to a standing position holding on to her fingers. I've also been showing her how to hold onto the crib once she's it was not surprising (but still exciting) the other day, when she pulled herself up standing, in the crib, all on her own! We really need to babyproof this house!!

She actually used her mouth at one point to pull herself up. Seems a little risky, but it worked!

While Daddy went ice fishing today, Ava and I went out and purchased a big-girl car seat for her. I was set on an Evenflo, and then due to my discussions with the sales associate at Babies R Us, I decided to go with a Britax. And after she outgrows this one, we'll only need to get a booster for her when she hits 65lbs. Since this will be her carseat (no sharing with a sibling), I decided, for once, not to be practical with the fabric choice, and got something very with brown polka dots! She seems to like it - check out the photos from the test run in our living room. :)

She's sleeping away right now, and I am so happy to finally have some time to get things done. Wheeeee!

Have a wonderful, warm weekend!

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Lisa said...

Poor Ava! That's too bad about the biting.

Dylan seems to really enjoy being in his "big boy" carseat too- I think he likes sitting up more and looking out the windows. LOVE the pink and brown polka-dots! Glad you didn't go 'practical' for that. :) Sometimes you need to splurge!