Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to Work for Mommy :(

September 10th was my first day back at work...those 12 weeks went by incredibly fast. I did pretty well with dropping Ava off at daycare - our neighbor has in-home daycare, so it was a quick 20 foot walk to get to her back door. Debi had her smiling right away, and Ava was trying to get out of her car seat so she could explore her new world. I decided to leave before I started crying, but I knew she was in great hands!

Work was a blur - so many people stopped by to welcome me back, but I don't think I got much work done! I was happy to see the end of the day come around so I could pick up Ava and find out how she did her first day away from us for so long...

...she did GREAT! She fussed a little bit, but overall, she was pretty happy. She was still smiling at Debi when I picked her up, so I thought that was a great sign. And today, she did even better - she's adjusting really well to it. When I dropped her off this morning, a little boy ran over to her and gave her a hug while she was in the was too cute!

She also slept pretty hard when we brought her home last's hard meeting so many new friends. :) Here's a cute pic from her after-dinner snooze tonight. This daycare thing is wearing her out!

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