Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grey Skies, Grey Car

There are some weeks that are bright and colorful and then there are some that are grey. This was a grey week. I'm not sure where the beautiful sunshine went from last week, but it was definitely hiding from us.  It's interesting how the grey skies can have an effect on the mood, though...I felt a bit down and sluggish all week, except for Friday when the sunshine poked through for a bit. G threw up at daycare 20 minutes after I dropped him off that morning, and the sunshine gave me a little extra boost to get some things done around the house, while I was hanging out with him at home. We think he just had a little bug, as he seems to be getting back to normal now.

Scott just informed me that it's going to rain today and snow tonight...gross! Looks like we're going to delay another week to put the garden in. Ava brought home a Red Pine sapling, so we wanted to plant that in the yard this week...but....

So, what makes for a good pick-me-up? How about buying a new car!? I've had my beloved Fusion for nine's been a great car, but it was time to make a change. I've been focusing my search the last few months on a Volvo S60, but I just wasn't finding one with the right color combo, features, and price. On a whim, I test drove a BMW 328i xdrive, and ended up bringing it home on Friday night. I love it!  And, it's grey, so it fits in well with the theme of the week...

We're taking the kids to see Boss Baby this morning. G is super excited to go back to the movies and have more popcorn. I love that we can finally do things like this as a family! The baby phase is cute, but this little kid phase definitely has some benefits!

Hopefully the sun shows itself a bit more next's almost May, we're ready for summer!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Forty One!

We had a great Easter last weekend! The kids woke up to sunshiney day, an egg hunt, and a yummy brunch. By some crazy luck, both Ava and G found the same number of eggs (13)! Ava is such a good big sister...there were two golden eggs, and Ava found them both, but she pointed out the second one to G so he could have a golden egg, too. Even though she gets irritated with G at times, she really watches out for him...I love that!


After our fun morning, we headed over to Scott's uncle's house for Easter dinner with the family. It was a lovely day, so we spent most of it outside, enjoying the sun and watching the kids play in the yard. Surprisingly, they both enjoyed playing bat & ball the best. We asked Ava if she wanted to try playing softball and she said no...but, I think we'll keep working on that with her.

On Wednesday night, I attended a gardening class with some neighbors. Now we're super excited to start designing and planting our gardens. Last night, I almost picked up some seed potatoes, but decided I had no idea what we would do with the 75 pound yield it promised. Yikes! We'd be eating potatoes forever!

Friday was my birthday! It's been a year since we celebrated my 40th in the hospital with G, so I was super happy to wake up in my own bed for #41. It was a gorgeous day (it usually rains on my birthday) so I was able to enjoy a yummy lunch, a free Caribou, and a walk outside over lunch. That night, we met up with my parents for a casual dinner out and then topped it off by coming back to our place for cake, ice cream, and gift opening. Fun! #41 was a great day...low key, relaxed, and sunny. The best!

On Saturday, G and I tagged along on a play date with Ava and her friend, Jacob. We met him at a park, and had a blast playing in the sun and sand. To be honest, I sat on the bench and enjoyed the sun, while the kids played. But, G and I did go on a walk to explore this new (to us) park. The rest of the afternoon flew by...and then my parents came over to watch the kids, so Scott and I could go out for my birthday dinner. We enjoyed some good Italian food, and did some errands...always easier without the littles! By the time we got home, we were both pretty tired, but we made our best effort to stay awake. I'm pretty sure I was sleeping by 9:30. Seems that my age is catching up to me!

Today looks to be another beautiful day, and we have plans to spend most of it outside. Hopefully we'll even get the garden ready to go. This is a super Sunday!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fuzzy Bunny!

I can't believe it's already Easter. This year is flying by, and I'm happy to say the last few months have been significantly better than the first few of 2017. Thank goodness!

Ava was helping me with some yard work yesterday, and she proclaimed that spring is the time of rebirth! Baby animals are born, and the plants start coming back to life! It was such a great moment to watch her make those realizations...that's why I have always loved spring!

We've been getting ready for Easter at our house...we dyed some eggs yesterday (this was G's first time) and we've been watching a lot of Peppa Pig Easter/Spring specials. One day we'll need to dig into the true meaning of Easter with the kids, but right now, we're focusing on the egg hunts, family time, and the love of the fuzzy bunnies. Not the bunny poop, though. We found some of that in our front yard yesterday...stay away from my plants, bunny friend!

Just waiting for the kids...

Think the Easter Bunny is hanging out on our front yard?!

I was home with G on Friday (his daycare was closed since it was Good Friday) and we had a fabulous day of running errands (he made friends at the DMV) and snuggling on the couch together. Last night we had a lovely dinner on a restaurant patio (minus G screaming every time he saw a bug, and Ava freaking out about the impending thunderstorm) and then capped it off with a stop to Cherry Berry. Yum yum!

Today we'll be celebrating Easter with Scott's family...this will most likely be the last one as a family, as Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey are moving to Florida this year. The weather looks like it's going to be beautiful for spending time with the family and enjoying some great food!

Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Blue Lemon

I took last weekend off from writing a blog post...because I had no time! I needed a vacation from my weekend. Grandma Deb picked up Ava and G on Saturday morning, which allowed me to get a ton of stuff done around the house, and then meet up with Scott for a late lunch out. A few hours later, a group of friends and I had a fun ladies night, starting with a good dinner, and ending with an interesting few hours at a bar with a band.

But I couldn't stay out too late, oh no! Scott and I left on Sunday morning at 7:45am to have a quiet breakfast out. Right after that, I drove up to Grandma Deb's to attend a Norwex party, and then bring Ava and G home. After a quick stop off at our house, and settling the kids in there, I picked up my mom and we headed to the big craft fair in Shakopee. We walked/shopped for several hours, then hit up Target on the way home. Phew! I was exhausted by dinner time last Sunday.

Monday didn't get much better, as G was fighting a fever. I kept him home from daycare and we headed into the doctor. Strep threat is the winner! And that means that G needed to stay home with us through Tuesday morning. So, we hung out for a bit, cuddled, and watched some tv, but to be honest, he was ready to see his friends after several days without them. He's feeling much better now, so back to business, as usual, for him.

To help prep G for the strep test, the nurse asked if G liked popsicles. Of course he does! She asked what his favorite color was...and he said blue. As we were waiting for the blue popsicle to arrive I asked him wait flavor he thought it would be. Wisely, he said blueberry, but I challenged him and asked what if it's strawberry? Or lemon? He denied that would be possible. Fast forward a few he was enjoying his blue popsicle, I asked him what flavor it was. He responded with a simple, "Lemon." I questioned him, mentioning that it was blue, to which he replied with a smile, "It's blue lemon." Such a smartie pants...!

I work from home on Wednesdays, so Ava and I planned that I would have lunch with her at school this week. It was a quick 20 minutes, but it was a fun break in my day, and she was happy to show me how and where she eats every day!

Post-lunch selfie

This little guy was almost on our porch on Wednesday morning...when he saw me stand up to take his pic, he quickly waddled away!

Thursday night had me rescuing a puppy and child from an intersection (seriously, your kids and pets!!) and then I headed into a PTO meeting that lasted three hours. There were some very verbal attendees...all I will say is that I left the meeting with a feeling of disbelief. I thought that all parents would want the safety of the school, and small class sizes to be addressed. I learned that is not the case...amazing. I am definitely going back next month so I can cast my vote accordingly.

Yesterday morning, Scott took G on some DOT inspections, as Ava and I had our third Color Run to attend! My neighbor picked us up and we went through the health fair first, and then enjoyed a leisurely 1.5 mile walk through the neighborhood around the school. Ava really got into it by rolling on the ground to get some good color (other kids were doing it, too!) After this healthy morning, we went and got McDonalds for lunch. Don't judge me. LOL.
Nice and clean...

Not quite as clean!

Unicorn hair!

And then we napped! Well, I took a nap, G took a nap, and Ava played in her room. And it was gloriously quiet and restful.

We finished up Saturday with a great summer dinner off the grill, and our first bonfire of the year! It was the perfect way to kick off the warmer weather.

This morning, Scott is taking Ava bowling, and then out to lunch. And G and I get to hang out! I'm looking forward to a low key day after this super busy week!