Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pink Unicorn

It must have been a good week...I'm still in bed right now, and am completely exhausted, even after 9+ hours of sleep.  Or, I'm sick.  We shall see which is the truth!

Little G had some rough nights...not sure if he's entering a phase with nightmares, but on several occasions this week, he started screaming in the middle of the night, which of course woke me up. Each time, I would go into his room, gather him up in a blanket, and rock him back to sleep. I love, love, love the bonding time with him, but in the back of my mind, I'm concerned that I'm creating a habit that is going to be really hard to break...  He slept great last night, so I'm hoping this is a passing phase. (Although I do know that at some point he won't let me rock him like that I should enjoy it while I have it...)  (This is really causing conflicting emotions for me!!)

I chaperoned the 2nd grade field trip to the Science Museum on Friday, and OMG, I don't know how teachers do this. I had four kids in my group...two boys and two girls. One of the girls was Ava so I wasn't as concerned about her not listening, but I was really nervous about the two boys. Turns out, they were the best of my group! The other girl was constantly running off, and not staying with us, Ava is Ava, so there was 50% listening there...but the two boys stuck with me! They sat by me at lunch (both girls ran off to join other groups) and the boys wanted me to sit in between them at the Omni movie (again, both girls wanted to sit by their friends...keeping in mind that one of them is my daughter.. Hm!) A friend pointed out to me that it's most likely the difference in the genders at that age...boys still want to be with their moms, while girls are more social and want to be with their friends.  Whatever it was, I'm thankful for it! (And that's another reason why I've been giving G some extra squeezes this week...he's my little mama's boy!)

There was one point where Ava popped up from her seat and came running to me during lunch at the Science Museum...tooth #3 finally fell out! I had packed an apple for her, hoping it would help the cause, and sure bite in, and out it came! The lost tooth was quite the topic on the bus ride home.  Overall, the field trip was great, but I was so tired by the end...watching those kids really wore me out. I think I can only handle one field trip a year!

Yay for #3!

One of Ava's friends brought a tape dispenser with her to the Science Museum. This was no ordinary tape was in the shape of a pink unicorn, and the tape was rainbow colored. While on the bus, they decorated all of the girls in the vicinity with tape, including me.  Such a random thing to bring on a field trip...

That night the tooth fairy needed to come, and we thought there might be a free pass...Ava had last minute plans to go to a friend's house for a sleepover, and she asked to make sure the tooth fairy came in her absence. Um, you bet!! But, those plans changed, and she ended up at home instead. The tooth fairy got smart this time and had asked to have the tooth left on her bookcase, and not under her pillow. There was a small question about that, but the tooth fairy's requests carry weight, so in the end, the tooth ended up on the bookcase. Twice that night the tooth fairy tried to visit Ava, but Ava ended up sitting up in bed and asking what was going on. Foiled again! Finally, the tooth fairy just took the box/tooth while talking to Ava and slyly left a golden dollar in its place. But smart little Ava kept asking "What do you have in your hand? Do you have my tooth? What's that noise [the sound of the tooth sliding in the box]?" The tooth fairy decided a 2am cocktail might not be completely inappropriate by the end of that discussion!

But, the next morning, Ava was super excited to show us what the tooth fairy had left for her, so hopefully, her belief continues on...

Yesterday was family fun day, and we started nice and early! We all went out to breakfast, went shopping to get Scott some new boots and shoes, and then we went to the zoo! Yesterday was a gorgeous day, weather wise, so we knew it would be crazy there...but I don't think we knew how crazy it would be. The line for entrance was several hundred people long, and spilled out into the parking lot. Luckily, we are zoo members, so we had a very short wait in the member line, and were inside within minutes of getting there. We had so much fun yesterday! This was the first time that G really noticed the animals and he was having a blast running around and looking at them. Especially the we were walking, he would stop every 5 feet, do a lunge (not sure why, but it was part of his routine) and roar like a tiger.

Ava really liked the pink flamingos...can't imagine why...

G was fascinated with the water exhibits

The animals were even out and about, enjoying the weather too!

Side note: G and I have read a book about a little lion who needs to learn to share his toys. At one point, the little lion gathers up all of his toys and yells, "Mine, mine, mine!" So yesterday, when I was asking what sound animals makes, G was mimicking them really well...and then I asked what sound a lion makes and he yells, "Mine, mine, mine!" That stopped me in my tracks and gave me the giggles. So cute!

We were just leaving for dinner last night, and Ava's little friend came over (the same one from Friday night) and invited her to a sleepover last night, so Ava's been gone since 5:30pm...having lots of fun, I'm sure!  It gave Scott and I a good night with just G...we had a nice dinner out and then did some shopping before we came home.  At that point, we were all pooped and ready to call it a night.  G went to bed super late (he's still sleeping right now), Scott's knee was hurting from all of the walking, and I decided that I must be getting a cold.  Family fun day did us all in! :)

Getting ready for the Get Lucky 7k in a few weeks!

We were waiting for Scott to get off the phone so decided to take some selfies...

For once, I think we look alike!!  It must be the eyes and eyebrows!

Today should be nice and low-key...hanging around the house, and getting ready for a new week.  And then it's MARCH!  Hard to believe that spring is really almost here!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Candy Robots

Valentine's Day was a success last weekend! The kids had a great time with their school/daycare treats, and we had fun surprising them with both valentines at home. Now that G is getting older, it's fun to bring him into the little celebrations and have him enjoy them too! Both Scott and Ava picked out lovely flower arrangements for me...having these fresh flowers in our house makes the idea of spring feel a bit more real.

The kid's (Ava picked them out) gift to me is on the left, Scott's gift to me is on the them both!

A Valentine candy robot from G's daycare teachers...SO cute!

The cold weather has loosened up a bit, and it hasn't been as painful to be outside this week. The ground is still snowy and mushy, but now we've got parks and walks on the brain.  What are the chances that once this snow is gone, we won't get any more, and spring will be here?? I had that passing thought yesterday and had to squish it down, but...what if...?

Even though we can't get outside to play with friends, we can still have fun playing indoors. We had a fun play date yesterday with some new friends...and that completely wore us all out! Last night we had an early dinner and then watched a movie (and both kids paid attention for the entire time...another benefit to G getting older!) G sat right next to me for the majority of the movie, and at 7:30pm, when I told him it was time for bed, he said ok and ran right for the stairs. He brushed his teeth without any hassle, we read one book, and he was ready for bed. When I turned out the light, instead of a "goodnight" from G, I heard silence...he was already out!  And that's a sign of a good day!

He was able to catch a short nap on the drive home yesterday afternoon, but it clearly wasn't enough!

Today should be a good day for me, as well...I'm heading to the outlets with my mom to do some shopping.  Looking forward to getting outside, getting some steps, and spending time with my mom!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why We Wear Shoes

In G's daycare class, they have a daily lesson, such as "why we share" or "different parts of our body".  Recently, the lesson was "why we wear shoes"...and when I saw that on his daily sheet, I truly laughed out loud!

Each weekday, I'm a single parent in the morning, and am responsible for getting these two children up, dressed, fed, out the door, etc. We made some changes to the routine that have made the process a million times easier with Ava (thank you chore chart!) but now G has stepped it up and is being a super stinker in the morning. Each step in the morning routine is a challenge...and bless Ava's heart, she tries to help, but sometimes even her presence pushes G over the edge. She will bring him his jacket, toys, and his boots, and he generally will have none of that. Especially the boots!  I often have to pretend to put on his boots in order for him to agree to wear them...and, they don't fit my feet!  I would love to use the "why we wear shoes" lesson with G...
 G has had some super cute artwork lately. 

I must have missed the fact that he only has three fingers on his left hand!

We had Ava's teacher conference this past week, and she's doing great! The biggest thing we need to continue to work on with her is spacing between her letters when she writes.  She's advanced in reading, and doing well in all of her other subjects...including chit chatting. That girl loves to talk, and sometimes it gets her in trouble!

She helped me make cinnamon streusel muffins last Sunday...and a tower out of the muffin liners!

Her little sugar cube castle - yum!

I gave her an Oreo, and she completely removed the middle in one piece.  I'm hoping she ate that middle's the best part!

On Friday afternoon, Scott, my parents and I went to the RV show in downtown Minneapolis. I had never been in a super fancy RV, so that was the first one we checked out...after that, anything else paled in comparison.  I had no idea that RVs had guest baths or fireplaces! Wow!  

After narrowing the options down to a few models, it was time to get some drinks and food. We stopped at the bar in the convention center and enjoyed a flight of local beers, and then headed over to The Capital Grille for dinner. I've never been disappointed with a meal was fantastic! I love going to downtown once in a while; there's energy and excitement there that isn't present in the suburbs. I'm hoping we can do this on a more frequent basis...there are many great restaurants in the area that we haven't had a chance to try yet!

The stout and golden ale were my favorites...and I don't even really like beer!

The caption reads: "Live well, and always find cause for celebration." YES!

Last night we headed over to the neighbor's house for a game night, but we didn't end up playing any games; we just chatted and had a chance to catch up with everyone we don't see during the winter. It was a fun way to spend a cold night...and the commute home was painless! 

Happy Valentine's Day! Looking forward to spending a great day with my loved ones!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Chaos

Living in Minnesota means that we enjoy winter for roughly six months of the year. With that extensive time frame, it should mean that everyone up here is a well-experienced winter driver. And everyone knows how to bundle up, stay warm, and make the most of this lovely season.

But everyone once in a while, we get word of a storm coming, and everyone completely freaks out. Schools shut down 12 hours before the tiniest flakes even begin to fall, and panic ensues. That was Monday night of this past week. The arrival of a snow-free Tuesday morning means I received a phone call that Ava would be done with school at 12:30pm due to the impending storm. Scott and I then reminisced about when we were kids and how snow days didn't get called until at least there was snow ON the ground...and a substantial amount of it.

The snow didn't start to fall until around noon, so at that point Scott, Ava, and G were safe at home. My work closed early, but everyone in the entire metro also left early, so the roads weren't plowed, and they were packed. I chose to stay later at work, and by the time I headed home, there were absolutely no cars on the roads. None! It was a ghost town - creepy!

The next day was back to normal, and it's like the storm had never happened. Except poor Scott went out to plow as soon as I got home on Tuesday, and only got a few hours of sleep. Plus, he took care of snowblowing our driveway, as well as the neighbor's...TWICE - the last time at 11pm!  That guy needs a vacation!

Despite the snow, Ava is in full Valentines Day mode...she had her class party on Friday, where they made sugar cube castles. She is now in love with sugar cubes and wants to eat them as a snack. I am rekindling my love with sugar cubes and am enjoying them in my coffee. The castles had to stay at school for the weekend to set up...can't wait to see how it turned out!  She also worked on her second set of Valentines for her classmates yesterday...we did the first round last weekend, and they fell apart, so we had to scrap those and start over (all store bought...not handmade! We don't have time for that crafty stuff!)

Taking a break to read G a bedtime story!

I'm SUPER excited for the big game today - it's fun having a favorite team playing! Plus, I'll be watching it with at least 2.5 other Bronco fans, so there'll be plenty of Orange support at my house! Ava is the .5 because she was a Packers fan the last few years, and until she bleeds purple (Vikings) or orange (Broncos), I think she's a fair weather fan. I can't give her full credit yet! :)  And little G loves football so much, he'll just be happy to see it on tv!  The kid thinks he sees footballs everywhere...this past week, he saw a football in a drawing of a mouth, and also in a leaf in a book.  When can I sign this kid up for sports?!