Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pedicures & Friends!

Over the long holiday weekend, we headed down to Grand Meadow to spend time with the Winfield family...most of the time, there were no less than 5 kids and 6 adults in the house at one time!  It was chaotic and crazy and fun!  Usually when we visit them, we only go for one night, but this time, we spent two nights there, which was a nice change...we had a chance to catch up, and Ava and Isabel had a chance to really start fighting, just like they were sisters!  More than once I heard, "Ava's Mom!  Ava did 'fill in the blank'!!" and "Mom!  Isabel did 'fill in the blank'!!"  I eventually told them that if 'fill in the blank' was causing such an issue, we could conveniently get rid of it.  That ceased the fighting and tattling for all of five minutes. Oh well!  They still had fun!

Our other good friends, the Nelsons, happened to be in the area, as well, so we had the pleasure of meeting their newest addition, Levi.  It was very cool to see so many kids in such a variety of stages!  The rainy weather didn't prove to be too much of a deterrent for anyone, and the thunder and lightning provided a great reason for yelling and screaming to ensue.  I've never seen Ava take off her shoes and unzip her jacket so fast - she was ready to head out to hang with the dads, and when a HUGE thunderclap boomed, she had a mini-freak out, and decided she defnitely did not want to go outside!

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos!


Megan, Levi, and Charlie

I, happily, had a chance to do some serious, alone-time shopping in Woodbury on Monday afternoon.  I needed a break, after having been surrounded by people, non-stop, since Friday.  Plus, I got some really cute clothes and shoes, which is great at making this girl happy!

After a busy week that seemed to fly by, we started off this weekend right, by giving Ava her first pedicure.  Grandma Deb had bought her a really neat pedicure set, which included a soaking tub.  The whole time, Ava kept telling me how fun pedicures are.  No kidding, kid!  I've known that for years!  She proceeded to ask for another one on Saturday night, which I politely declined, as I needed to tend to my own toes!

Picking out her nail polish...she ended up with orange on her toes, and purple on the fingers

We've been spending a ton of time the last few weeks on the house's going on the market this coming Friday!  The timing is great, as we are leaving for CO soon after, and if we have any showings that first week, we won't be here for any of them!  I'm hoping for positive feedback, and hopefully not too long to make this sell.  I'm ready to move into something larger, and get moving on the other things that are pending in our lives.  Although, I did just realize that we finally got the house to where we like it, and now...we're hoping to leave.  If it was only bigger and in a different neighborhood...but, it's not, and that's why we need to go!

Ava made a quick potty stop at Menards this morning, and she was pointing out the baby changing station in the bathroom.  I thought she was going to make a comment about how she used to be changed on those, but oh no!  Instead she said something about when she has a baby sister, that's where she will go!  In her mind, I think she's ready to have a sibing; however, I don't think she realizes that she will have to SHARE and HELP and LISTEN once there is a new child in the house.  That'll be fun for her.  Ha.  And NO, this is not an announcement of any sort!

I'm leaving for a business trip to KC tomorrow - it's fun, really!  We're going to the Twins vs. Royals game tomorrow night, and then on Tuesday, we get to spend the morning with one of my favorite clients.  I'm actually pretty excited!  The timing is rough given everything we need to do this week with listing the house, but we'll get through it.  We always do!

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Megan said...

For a bit yesterday I had Charlie convinced the distant thunder rumbles were just a train. It doesn't work for the loud ones though...and that was one of the loudest thunder claps I have ever heard!