Sunday, July 30, 2017

Leprechaun Days 2017

I was trying to recall what we did this week, and it's just a big blur...swimming lessons, potty training, working...yep, all the same stuff that we usually do. Nothing interesting? How is that possible?

But then I remembered that we've had a pretty fun weekend! Rosemount has a week long celebration every summer called "Leprechaun Days" (the city has a strong Irish history.) One of these days, we might participate in some of the events earlier in the week, but in recent history, we usually stick to doing stuff the last weekend of the celebration.

We met up with three other families from our neighborhood, as well as my parents, on Friday night. The women happily camped out in the beer garden, while the men tended to the young. Before you feel too bad for the dads, let me just point out that this was my first time in the beer garden...and our third (fourth?) time attending this event. It was great! Had some drinks, chatted with the ladies, and then my mom kindly relieved Scott of his duties so he could also join us.

The kids had a blast playing the games and eating the fair food...we now have three new stuffed animals that have taken up residence in our house. Before heading home, we enjoyed some of the live band and the kids rolled and ran around, burning off the mini donut energy!

G went to bed when we got home, but Ava, Scott, and I headed over to our neighbors for some more drinks and a bonfire. They have a great setup with a screen where the kids can watch movies in their yard. We stayed up way too late, but had fun chatting with our friends.

Saturday morning we met up with my parents and walked down to watch the parade. There was a new route this year, due to a variety of reasons, and we ended up right at the end. The kids only got a few pieces of candy (that's ok!) but they ended up with the stuff the floats had leftover, like a beach ball and extra toothbrushes (even better!) We only stayed for an hour of the was hot, and by the end of the route, the parade had lost some of its luster. Oh well!

G's daycare was handing out ice cream cups, so we stopped there to cool off, and then we hit up the library so the kids could each pick out a free book to keep. By the time we walked home, we were all pretty tired. After a quick bite to eat, Scott took Ava to meet up with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey...they were at a car show in Hastings yesterday, and then they're heading to the MOA today so Ava's American Girl doll can get her hair done (fun birthday gift!)

Both G and I took a nap yesterday afternoon while the house was quiet and cool...after two hours of rest, I felt much better! Scott, G, and I then hit up a new (to us) restaurant in Burnsville...we were very pleased with the food and service. It's great to find a new place to eat!

Last night ended up low key with a little Peppa Pig viewing and then bedtime for G. Turns out we have a perfect view of the fireworks from our guest bedroom, so we were able to enjoy that Leprechaun Days activity from our home. Scott woke up G so he could watch them as well...he's usually sleeping during all fireworks shows, so this was a fun treat for him.

Looks like today will be beautiful...sunshiney and warm. The perfect way to end a fun weekend!

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