Sunday, July 23, 2017

Banana, Please?

You know it's going to be a busy week when it starts off with dentist appointments at 8am on Monday for both kids. From that moment on, it seemed like the entire week was rushed and a bit crazy. Good news, though, both kids have good choppers!

G continues to work on the potty training, but this past Friday, he was a bit more, um, runny, than usual, so he was sent home in the morning. We need to see how it goes today, as yesterday was still a bit challenging. 

He did have fun on his field trip to the zoo this week with his class. He was pretty excited to see the monkeys. And to ride a bus. I love that he's getting to do new, fun things in his new room at daycare!

Ava had her end-of-summer baton show on Friday night. Scott was in attendance, as I had previous plans, and G was hanging out with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey. It sounds like the show went'll be interesting to see if Ava decides to continue with it, or if she'd like to try something else. She mentioned dance a few days ago...

He got a cute little car on his face when he went to a car show on Friday night

Ava's 9-year check up went well on Saturday...she's 56% for height, weight, and BMI for her age. She's still not tall enough to ride without a booster seat in the car, but she's just a few inches shy from that happening. She can't wait for that! G provided colorful commentary during Ava's entire check-up...

I was in Indy this week for work. I had never been to Indiana before, so it was neat seeing a new part of the country. It's very...nice, there. The people are nice (they make Minnesotans look less friendly...and that's very hard to do.) The downtown area was nice. The building are nice. Everything was nice! That's such a bland adjective to use, but in this case, it's applicable!
Monument Circle in downtown Indy

This was my view from my dinner on the patio in Indy on Wednesday night...I never quite figured out what was in the glass thing.

On Friday, I also had the chance to check out a local Minnesota vineyard and a beautiful park by the river. After a crazy week, it was a great way to chill out and de-stress for a bit. I've been to a lot of new places this week!

On Saturday afternoon. Scott and I debated on taking the kids to the Science Museum or the MN Zoo. The zoo is so easy for us, plus, as members, it's "free." We decided on the zoo, but made an effort to go to different parts of the zoo that we usually don't see. This time, we hit up the Tropics, the Minnesota Trail, and Discovery Bay. We ended the afternoon with treats outside. Ava wanted ice cream, and I kept asking G what flavor he wanted. He kept saying no. His choice? A banana! Ok, easy sale for Mom!

The Butterfly exhibit just opened on June 17, so we checked it out. SO pretty...there were butterflies everywhere!

Hanging out in Discovery Bay

Today is the first day where we're all going to be at home, and we don't have to run a million different places. I'm so excited to catch up on things and hang with my family today. It's going to be a Sunday Funday for sure!

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