Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fun Foods!

Our week started off with Ava and I picking up our Arts Night winnings from last week. We won the 5th grade International Foods basket in the raffle, which means we have a ton of food that we normally wouldn't buy, but will let us all try new things! G and I already enjoyed some amazing Japanese chocolate panda cookies...I need to find more of those! It also came with a really nice wok, and two gift cards to restaurants in the area. Considering that we don't feel that we're super lucky with winning things, is was an amazing way to start our week!

We had G's spring conferences on Wednesday night. In my mind, he's still my little baby, so when I hear about all of his accomplishments, I'm genuinely surprised! He's doing very well in his class, and is just a super sweet boy, all around. One area that he could work on is expressing his anger and frustration a bit better. But, he's three, so it's not a shock that he can't quite put it all into words (there's usually yelling or pouting instead.)

On Thursday night, my neighbor and I attended the last PTO meeting of the year. After last month's heated three-hour meeting, we were a little concerned about how this one was going to go. Everyone was much more pleasant, necessary items were voted on, and passed in the children's best interest. PTO should be an interesting experience next year, though...

I took Friday off of work, and was super productive. I had some house projects that were building up, so it's nice to get those off the list. Yesterday continued with the same trend...G was picked up by Grandma Deb for a fun day/night, and Ava was at a laser tag birthday party during the late afternoon, so, I met up with Scott for a few drinks at a local bar. It was a good way to spend an hour on a rainy afternoon. After we picked up Ava (she had so much fun!) we went out for a yummy hibachi dinner, and enjoyed some family time with our oldest kid.

It's been rainy the last several days, but there was a beautiful sunset on Friday morning

Today, Ava and I are taking both grandmas out for brunch at the American Girl Bistro in the Mall of America. We're looking forward to some good food and great "girl" time!

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