Sunday, May 28, 2017

Bug Man

I'm struggling to remember what we did this week...this weekend has been so good, so relaxing. Apparently, whatever happened last week is just a distant memory!

I do recall that G had some extra visitors at daycare on Monday. Some with many feet, some with wings, and some with a shared DNA. A few weeks ago, we learned that the Bug Man from the zoo was going to bring in some creepy, crawly creatures. G hates bugs. A lot. The daycare kindly gave me a heads up so we could have extra support there for G. Thank goodness for Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug! They were able to stop by and help wrangle some bugs and kids. And...I heard from several teachers that G did much better than expected!

I also remember that we managed to sneak in a dinner out with the kids. We always split the seats where it's one parent/one kid per side of booth. But this week, G insisted that he sit by Ava. It was so odd to see both kids across from us. But, it was nice to actually sit by Scott!

He was watching her chip very closely...

 The weekend started off on a great note when I was able to enjoy Friday afternoon on several different patios in Minneapolis. The weather was perfect, the food & drinks were good, and the company was wonderful! I received the strangest text from Scott while I was out, contained this picture, and something about "new pet"...

When I got home that night, I met the sweetest little bunny from our backyard. Turns out we have a nest in the grass in our retaining wall in the backyard. We found four little ones in there! Scott is not a fan of rabbits, but he seems to really like the first bunny he found. We have named him "Hops".

To cap off perfect days, we've spent the last few nights at our neighbor's house. They have a great patio with a firepit, and they've added a projector with a screen so the kids can watch movies while we're outside. Friday night I was there till 1am! Last night, Scott and I left right before midnight. It's a very relaxing way to end our busy days.

Found this little fairy garden on my afternoon adventure in Minneapolis on Friday

 Today, we'll be working outside on a few projects, and enjoying more family time. It finally feels like summer is here!

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