Sunday, April 30, 2017

Grey Skies, Grey Car

There are some weeks that are bright and colorful and then there are some that are grey. This was a grey week. I'm not sure where the beautiful sunshine went from last week, but it was definitely hiding from us.  It's interesting how the grey skies can have an effect on the mood, though...I felt a bit down and sluggish all week, except for Friday when the sunshine poked through for a bit. G threw up at daycare 20 minutes after I dropped him off that morning, and the sunshine gave me a little extra boost to get some things done around the house, while I was hanging out with him at home. We think he just had a little bug, as he seems to be getting back to normal now.

Scott just informed me that it's going to rain today and snow tonight...gross! Looks like we're going to delay another week to put the garden in. Ava brought home a Red Pine sapling, so we wanted to plant that in the yard this week...but....

So, what makes for a good pick-me-up? How about buying a new car!? I've had my beloved Fusion for nine's been a great car, but it was time to make a change. I've been focusing my search the last few months on a Volvo S60, but I just wasn't finding one with the right color combo, features, and price. On a whim, I test drove a BMW 328i xdrive, and ended up bringing it home on Friday night. I love it!  And, it's grey, so it fits in well with the theme of the week...

We're taking the kids to see Boss Baby this morning. G is super excited to go back to the movies and have more popcorn. I love that we can finally do things like this as a family! The baby phase is cute, but this little kid phase definitely has some benefits!

Hopefully the sun shows itself a bit more next's almost May, we're ready for summer!

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