Sunday, March 5, 2017

This is America!

The theme of Ava's third-grade music program on Thursday night was a timely one. It was all about America and what it means to be an American. Ava opened the music program with the first spoken line, "This is America and we are Americans."  They sang ten songs about America and kept the show fun with waving flags, zippy kazoos, and creative dance routines. And, as my dad pointed out, the kids are now old enough that you can actually understand the words they are singing! I am so proud of Ava for volunteering to speak in front of the crowd...she did a great job!

Ava is in a red shirt, right in the middle of the picture

G had fun at his first friends birthday party last weekend. It was at a fitness facility in Lakeville. We had a hard time finding the building, and G could see that I was getting a bit frustrated with the directions. He kept saying that it was okay, and that we didn't need to go in, and that we could just go home. Having my little man try to comfort me was a was so cute! When we finally did find it, he was so excited to play with his friends, that he barely even took the time to give me a kiss goodbye! The only bummer was that they played a balloon game, and he apparently freaked out. He has never liked balloons, so we try to keep them away from him...but I had forgotten to tell the birthday girl's mom about that. Oh well, other than that, he had a blast!

We enjoyed Employee Appreciation Day at work on Friday (we received donuts for two unrelated things!) I even brought home a few for the kids as a special treat for breakfast yesterday. I love how they are both making the same face in this picture...

Scott's going to take advantage of this beautiful weather and smoke a pork shoulder outside today. I'm looking forward to being at home today...the last few Sundays have been really busy in the afternoon, so a day at home is much needed!

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