Sunday, February 19, 2017

I Love To Read!

February is all about reading at Ava's school. She has a monthly challenge to read at least 400 minutes a month, but in February, she's aiming for 1000 minutes! She's doing a fantastic job so far...I have the feeling that she'll be meeting her goal!  We also submitted a pic to the school of her reading Harry Potter to G...not sure that G really appreciated the story!

We also had a lovely Valentine's Day this week...both kids passed out valentines in their classes, and of course they came home with a mountain of candy. I just found candy from G's party last year! I guess it's a good thing that they don't burn through candy that fast...but we really, really don't need extra candy for any holiday, ever again!

Getting ready to head to school on Heart Day!

Scott made the kids an early dinner on Valentine's Day and then we sent them off to bed a little early so we could enjoy a dinner for just the two of us. After the crazy times I've been having at work recently, it was great to unplug and spend some time together.

And speaking of unplugging...the basement is going to be wired this week! An electrician is stopping over on Wednesday to do all the work..and then we can move on to the next phase. It's going to be great to eventually have another  living area in the house. Once we start talking about flooring, paint, furniture, etc, I'll be much more involved in the process. Ava decided we should paint it blue with green polka dots. Ummm....probably not!

I was telling a co-worker about our fish, Bloop, and trying to explain how Bloop lays down on his leaf hammock.  He loves it!

G has started to enjoy posing for the camera...he focused mainly on happy faces, as when he did his sad face, it was him looking at the ground instead of at the camera!

Ava was a very busy girl yesterday...she was working on her homework yesterday morning, and a group of friends stopped over to play.  And then right before lunch, another group of friends came over to see if she could join them (seriously, worst timing ever!)  And then yesterday afternoon, she got a call from a boy in her class!  He was calling to see if she could go with him to Nickelodeon Universe tomorrow (they don't have school) but we've already got her signed up to be at the release day program, so she couldn't go with him.  (Side note: don't tease her and say it was a call for a date!) 

And, she got invited to go to a really cool birthday party in a few weeks - the kids are going to be so surprised and love what they will be doing!  I think I can finally put aside my fears that she doesn't have friends.  Her Kindergarten year was such a rough one in SSP...I'm glad we were able to move into a school district where she finally found people that she can connect with.
Time to get moving - lots to do today, including a late lunch with a cousin who is living in Minnesota for a few months.  Should be interesting, since we've never met him before!

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