Sunday, January 22, 2017


Ava loves creating art. Ava loves to bake. When I found a Living Social for an art/cooking class that we could both attend, it was the perfect match! So, yesterday morning, we made our way up to a small little suburb outside of St Paul, and proceeded to spend a few very fun hours making art and food!  The location is called "THAT Cooking School", and we learned "THAT" stands for Teaching-Heart-Art-Teamwork.  Love the concept!

The painting portion came first, and our very own Bloop (our betta fish) gave us the inspiration for the color scheme. Ava's fish ended up looking like it was wearing a princess hat, so we named it Princess Fishy. And, mine is going to be Bloop's girlfriend...her name is Miranda. Not sure why...I don't question these things!

Introducing Princess Fishy and Miranda!

After we were done with our masterpieces, we moved into the kitchen and made a variety of food that we'll be able to recreate at home. We made apple roses with a puff pastry and orange marmalade. We then focused on an egg-cellent egg bake (haha), which will be an easy brunch item that each family member can prepare. As those were baking, we assembled banana-Oreos (bananas with peanut butter and cereal) and a banana penguin, using melted chocolate, cranberries and golden raisins.

The banana penguin and the banana Oreos...yum!

Apple roses and the egg bake

We had so much fun chatting with the other adults/kids who were was a wonderful experience to share together. Plus, everything tasted really, really good!

That was a great way to end a busy week...both kids had their dentist appointments on Monday. This was the first time G would let them clean his teeth without fighting them. No cavities for either one - hooray!  My big project at work went live on Wednesday morning, so I have been putting in a lot of extra hours at work...but, I took this past Friday and the upcoming Monday off, so I'm able to relax a bit. G was sick on Friday so I had him at home with me, but I'm hoping for some real quiet time tomorrow, since everyone should be well enough to go to their designated locations!

As we were driving up to St Paul yesterday morning, there were several buses that passed us. They were filled with people heading to the St Paul sister march to the Women's March in DC. I was so proud and happy to see them! What an amazing outpouring of love and support from the entire country and across the world! And it was peaceful. Ava learned about MLK, Jr. this month, and it struck home the difference of peaceful vs. violent protests. The only arrest that took place in St Paul yesterday was from a Trump supporter who pepper sprayed the marchers. I've heard there was an incredible amount of love and kindness shown at the march...amazing! This is the best way to create the necessary changes in the world.

We're going to introduce the kids to The Original Pancake House today, and then we're hoping for some low key time at home. Sunday Funday!

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