Sunday, January 29, 2017

Alternate Wi-Fi

We have such a little smarty pants. According to Ava, "wi-fi" could also stand for wizard-fiction. And if that's the case, we are definitely surrounded by wi-fi! Note: this is not a post about alternates to the traditional wi-fi!

On the way to dinner last night, we were discussing Harry Potter; I have finished up the fourth book and Ava's still working on the first one. I have all of the movies, just waiting for us to watch them...and it's been driving me nuts to be so patient! My goal was that I would read the book before watching the corresponding movie (no issue,) but then Ava got into it, so I felt compelled to wait until she was through the book, too. She always has several different books that she's reading at one time, so this is taking her a long while to get through.

Yesterday, I decided to proceed with the movie watching.  We had to break it into a few different session, due to the length, but even G stopped playing with his cars at certain moments and focused on the movie. He especially liked the scene with the baby dragon. Overall, we really liked the movie and now need to carve out some more time to watch the next one. I love having a series of books and movies to look forward to enjoying in my downtime!

This was another super busy week.  I had Monday and Friday off, which makes it tricky to condense five days worth of work into three, plus, I had happy hours planned for Tuesday and Thursday nights. It was so nice being able to relax with friends for a few hours each night. The end of 2016 and the start of 2017 were hard. There have been so many negative things that have taken place...and I'm worried that it's not going to get better. I've even thought about taking a break from Facebook, as my feed is slowly becoming all political. And it's depressing.

Thursday's happy hour ended at The Volstead House...great atmosphere for catching up with a friend!

On a happier note...I enrolled G into a weekly sports program that focuses on teaching the basics of nine different sports. Last week, it was football and baseball. This week, it was basketball and tennis. And his coach's name is Garrett, too, which I think it doubly awesome! It seems that he's definitely enjoying his new class. We've kept him in his weekly soccer class, as well, so he's a busy boy. I'd like to squeeze in some swimming lessons, too, but don't want to overload him. Maybe this summer...

Ava is doing so well in school. She aces her weekly spelling tests, and is even getting to be pretty good at multiplication. She has a goal of reading 1000 minutes in February, in order to be a part of a special activity at school. Maybe she'll get through a few more Harry Potter books!

Showing off some sparkles and pink gloves that were in a surprise package to Ava from my aunt

Today should be a good day...Scott will be working on sheet rocking parts of the basement with my dad, and I'll be able to spend some time with my mom and the kids. Family is so important, and I'm glad that we're no longer separated by thousands of miles!

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