Sunday, November 27, 2016

Gobble, Gobble!

This has been a really good time off of work.  I checked in a few times on things at work, and while I know I'll be super busy when I get back into the swing of things tomorrow, I'm hoping that overall, things didn't crash and burn while I was out (I'm sure it was all fine!)  If I could find a way to earn a salary and not have to worry about working, that would be really super.  If only...

I had a LONG list of things on my to-do list for while I was out, and I managed to get through 98% of them.  Plus, the house is all decorated for Christmas, I only have 3 presents left to buy for Christmas, and my Christmas cards should be delivered in the next week so I can get those out the door to our family and friends.  I LOVE being so productive!

Having the time off of work meant that I was able to watch G's last soccer class for this session, and I was able to cheer him on while he played and received his certificate and medal.  I'm pretty sure there's nothing more cute than watching a bunch of preschoolers try to play soccer!

G was really excited when I showed up midday on Tuesday!

Looks like he's dancing with the ball...

He shoots, he scores!

We had a lovely holiday with Grandma Deb, Grandpa Whitey and Uncles Tim and Tom. We ate fabulous food, and had a drama-free day.  We are very thankful that we have such good family members nearby with whom we can celebrate the holidays!

Modeling her artwork from school

Yesterday, my parents came over and we decorated the inside/outside for Christmas.  Even G enjoyed putting his ornaments on the lowest branches of the tree.  I love this time of year...nothing better than sitting in front of the tree, with all of the lights off, watching the holiday magic weave it's way through the family.  Now I just need to get to wrapping the gifts!

That magic will be put on a slight hold this morning as G and I are going to tackle getting his hair cut. He promised me he wouldn't freak out during the haircut.  The fact that he acknowledges that he has not enjoyed it in the past makes me think we could be at a turning point for our salon visits...fingers crossed!

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