Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Countdown

It's official...the summer is over. Ava completed her last week of Summer Power (this week, they went to the Crayola Experience at the MOA, and also took a boat ride down the Mississippi...awesome!) to celebrate their final week. She made a new friend that goes to another school, and she remembered to get her phone number.  I know that doesn't sounds like a big deal, but after worrying for years that she didn't have any good friends, I'm finally able to begin putting that concern to rest. (She does have many friends, I think I was just paranoid.)

We also dropped off her school supplies at the open house this past week. We were able to see her classroom, where she sits, and who the other kids are in her class. She was SO excited when she saw her friend/neighbor Cece is in the class with her. I think third grade is going to be a fantastic year!

G also had a change in teachers this past week...and with the change comes different organization in the classroom. My little guy finally has his own cubby! It sounds like a weird thing to be happy about, but we spent many months trying to force his tiny bag into a cubby that was stuffed with other things from another little kid. He's now flying solo this week, which makes me, his bag, and his blankie very happy.

We also did a fun homework project for him...a cute All About Me sheet. Did you know that his favorite color is red? Neither did I! (Maybe it's because I was holding the red crayon when I asked him the question,  He also enjoys mac and cheese (shock!) and throwing/catching/kicking balls. Wait, wait, wait...Scott made me reorder that one on the sheet. He told me that we shouldn't say that G likes kicking

We both had super busy weeks at work, but we managed to fit in getting our windows (exterior) washed, plus we got a new ISP on Friday...I love our new service! The tech needs to come back to adjust a few things, and then we're set! We have finally been able to enjoy streaming video on our TV this weekend without any buffering issues. Awesome!

Last night, we headed out to Smashburger for dinner and then came back for a quiet bonfire. A few neighbors stopped over for a bit, and the kids got totally hopped up on s'mores. Once we had our fill of their shenanigans, we decided it was time for them (the kids) to head to bed. And then Scott and I enjoyed some peace and quiet on a lovely fall evening. We had fun picking out constellations and debating if we were seeing satellites or planes flying high in the sky.

I told Scott we were definitely not going to be thirsty this weekend (this is the full size fridge in the garage!)

The perfect fire for making s'mores with the kiddos

Scott's smoking some meat all day long today, and we're going to enjoy a nice family dinner this evening. Right now, G and I are snuggling in bed, watching some Lalaloopsy.  Seems like a great way to start a lovely Sunday!

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