Sunday, September 11, 2016

School is Cool

It's official, we have a 3rd grader!  Tuesday was Ava's first day back at school, and it was a good one.  Her teacher seems to be very organized, responsive, and great with the kids...perfect!  Even better, she no longer has snack time at school.  I know this seems like a small thing, but for the last three years I had to remember to pack a snack for school every single day...and some days, my memory failed me.  But, it's confirmed, snack is a thing of the past! (Welcome to the real world, sweetie...)

She still wants to be a baker...I need to find a kid's baking class for her!

I picked up a few sweet treats to celebrate the special day back. (If she was a professional baker, she could have made these instead!)

And some flowers for my girl

G starts soccer this week at daycare, so I'm super excited to hear how that goes.  Since it happens during the day, I won't be able to watch on a regular basis, but I do think that we can come to watch a few little "games" throughout the session. 

I worked a lot this past week, so I haven't been home as much as I normally would be...but this too shall pass.  I have a project launch on Tuesday, and then I should be able to scale back a bit (but not too much more - my next launch is in just two weeks!)  I'm already looking forward to October! 

We have so many fun things planned for the upcoming weekends with family, friends, and neighbors.  I tend to forget that back to school time also means that we're heading into the holiday season...and craziness!  Both kids already know what they want to be for Halloween, so now we need to get out and secure those costumes.  I bought some pumpkin decorating kits for both kids, so now we just need to wait for the pumpkins to be ready!

Side note: Ava is REALLY into Minecraft.  Now, when I think of Minecraft, I think of zombies and swords, and stuff like that.  BUT, my girly girl managed to turn it into something else...she proudly informed that she built a "take-and-go-buffet" where the villagers can get food. She's going to have quite the variety of food for them....potatoes, cooked "goodies", baked goods (cookies, cakes, etc.)  This, in addition to the bookstore that she had made previously.  I love it!  She doesn't see zombies too often, and she doesn't really seem to be concerned about it.  I think I should introduce her to the SIMs...she'd probably have a blast with that!  (She just informed me that's she's going home in Minecraft...she's had a long day.  LOL)  ((Even better...she just spawned some villagers, and told me that the kid villagers are annoying, and that she needs to get rid of them!)

This still makes me laugh...Grandma Karen helped G fix a Lego, but didn't realize she had put her head on upside down.  As G was walking away, he turned around, looked at us, and said, "It's upside down..." he might have looked a little confused, too.  We quickly corrected the situation, but not before having a good laugh about it!

We very rarely let the dogs into bed with us, but yesterday, Scott tucked Lucky under the covers.  She stayed there for at least half an hour, before mean ol' me moved her so I could make the bed.   She looked so comfy!

Today is supposed to be's sunny, no clouds, with a light breeze.  I am looking forward to a wonderful day at home, with the family, and no set plans!  Happy Day!

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