Sunday, August 14, 2016

Preparing for Vacation

We had a low key week, which is rare in this house. Oh sure, there were fun field trips at Summer Power, a visit to the splash pad on a hot day, and a few crazy, rain storms, but it was an easy week. Well, there was that one time when we were out for dinner with G (Ava was with Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug for an overnight stay and a trip to the Dakota County Fair - fun!) and G decided to hide behind my chair and puke all over me and the floor (at the restaurant.) Ugh. The good news is that he was just too full of chocolate illness!

A quiet week, once in a while, is an okay thing! We're starting to prep for our vacation to the Wisconsin Dells...we don't take too many family vacations, so this is a big event for us. (Funny, I took a break from writing this post as Scott just asked me about planning a trip to Disney...we were debating the differences between going to California vs. Florida...pros and cons to each!)

Yesterday, I showed G a video from one of the water parks at our resort in the Dells, and even he is super excited to go. He wanted to go to "Sconsin" last week!

Always trying to fill his Daddy's shoes...

Ava bought me flowers last week!

We are heading out today for a nice breakfast, and then shopping for patio furniture. Should be a nice low-key day to end a low-key week and weekend!

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