Sunday, July 10, 2016

My Baby Lilac Tree

Work continued on the retaining wall last Monday...the weather was perfect, and Scott decided it was best just to get the job done, even though he was tired from working hard both days of the holiday weekend already.  Scott and my dad got all of the rock laid down, and then we took a trip to Gerten's to pick out the plants.  Any time I had been to Gerten's, I had stayed inside, or focused on the annuals...but this time, we ventured into the perennials.  We had a rough idea of what we wanted before we bought the plants, but it did change a few times while we were there...and I love the end result!  I have an extra soft spot in my heart for my ornamental lilac all we need is a spot for a magnolia tree somewhere, and my landscaping wishes will have come true!

So pretty in the backseat of our truck!

I was trying to keep the kids entertained, and out of the way, while Scott and my dad worked.  Bubbles are always a hit!

G had fun trying to squish the bubbles

(Almost...the cap still needs to be put on top of the wall, but that is at least one full day's work, so that won't happen for a while.)

Later that afternoon, while G was sleeping, Ava decided to check out the new slip-n-slide that we had bought.  It was a little chilly to be running through it, but she still had a great time. I think it would be amazing on a really hot summer day.  Can't wait for G to have a run at it!

On Monday night (the 4th), Ava and I walked down the block to watch the Apple Valley fireworks from our "secret" watching spot. I am still so surprised that no one else goes there to watch them; it's a perfect view!  There was a random guy who was walking his dog, and he sat down to watch them, too, but that was it.  Ava was creeped out by the bugs, and kept asking "was that the Grand Finale?" can we go home?!"  Next year, we'll remember the bug spray...  As we were walking home, I stopped and chatted with a neighbor who was out front, and when his wife came by a few minutes later, she said, "I found the perfect spot to watch fireworks!"  And guess where it was? :)  Looks like we'll have company next year!

So, after a great long weekend, filled with perfect weather, we were due for a storm.  On Tuesday night, a fairly large storm him the metro area.  I drove home through it, and all I could think of was my new baby tree.  When I came around the corner, I saw my little tree, laying horizontal, on the ground.  The good news is that the bamboo stake had broken, but my little tree was flexible enough, that it just bent over, and didn't snap.  Scott has since re-staked it, with a metal stake, so hopefully, this won't happen again.  And, the tree should be fine!

One of the cottonwoods in our backyard wasn't so lucky...half of it fell onto our garden.  Scott ended up cutting the whole tree down.

Our oldest dog, Darla, hasn't been doing so well this week - she isn't eating much food.  We might need to make a decision soon about her.  She just turned 16, so she's had a very good, long life...and she is very well loved in this family.

We had bring your dog to work day on Friday (no, I never bring my dogs), and my cube neighbor just got a new puppy...look at this little girl!  Zoe (dog) and Cody (co-worker) had a constant crowd of people around them on Friday morning.  Zoe is so, so cute...she tried eating my toes.  I forgot how funny puppies are...

I had Friday afternoon off, and ended up meeting Scott and G for lunch (G had a fever, so we kept him home from daycare.)  It was nice to kick the weekend off with some family time.  G and I then headed home so Scott could get to an appointment, and we snuggled for an hour before Grandma Deb came to pick up G.  He's been with Deb and Whitey for the whole weekend, reveling in all of the attention, I'm sure!

And what does a family do when their toddler is elsewhere?  We explore local art parks, go out for apps and drinks, and then head to a new movie.  We had a really nice Saturday, complete with perfect weather.

Ava and I wandered into the woods at the Caponi Art Park, and came across this lovely, lily pad filled pond.

This snake was huge!  We both thought it might be a little scary to come across something like this, if it was real!

Rolling hills lead to the sculptures...

I love this scuplture...reminds me of how Ava and G hug me

Watching The Secret Life of Pets - super cute movie!  I gave both Darla and Lucky big hugs when we got home so they know how much we love them!

Today should be just as fun...Ava, my Mom, and I are heading out to a waffle restaurant in St Paul, and then to check out a very cool kids bookstore in Minneapolis.  I'm super excited that Ava's at the point where we can take her places like this, and she enjoys them.  G will be at home, spending some good quality time with Scott (or napping, perhaps.)  Can't wait to see that little guy this morning!

It's been a great family week...bummer that work has to interrupt it tomorrow! :)

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