Sunday, July 24, 2016

Keepin' It Cool: Italian Ice and Margaritas

Hot! It was insanely hot this week. Like melt the minute you step outside, stick to the car seat, instant sweat in your eyes HOT. But, hey, it's not snowing, so I won't complain.

Ava thought it would be easier to beat the heat by losing a few more teeth...numbers 6 and 7 popped out about a week ago. She has one more wiggly tooth in the front, but now I can pack apples in her lunch again! As usual, the generous Tooth Fairy left her a golden dollar for #6, but after some sassy comments she heard from Ava, she decided a quarter was in order for #7. Ava then decided that perhaps she is grateful for the gold coins, after all...

Grandma Karen and I tackled the task of taking G to get his haircut. Usually it's non-stop screaming and crying...but this time, it was different. There was a hint of tears, but he actually giggled when the lady used the big, fluffy brush to wipe off the hair. Grandma Karen talked non-stop the entire time, trying to distract him, and it worked!  We celebrated afterward by stopping to get Italian good! We'll definitely have to stop back with the full family to get more.

My work decided to beat the heat with a bean bag toss tourney, a food truck, margaritas and beer. I found a shady spot under some trees, and totally enjoyed my few hours of laid back time.

Also in the midst of a hot week, there was an impromptu gathering at a neighbor's house...we went over there with the intention of staying for a little bit, and came home FOUR hours later! The kids had a blast checking out Pete's State Trooper car...

I also had Friday afternoon off, so after a quick lunch at a nearby park, I came home and headed to our pool. It was the first time I had been there without kids, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading, and being able to cool off, when needed.

Last night, Scott and I headed out on a date (thanks Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug for holding down the fort while we were out!) We enjoyed a nice dinner out, and then took advantage of the kid-free time to check out the new Hy-Vee, and even get our weekly grocery shopping done. We then stopped at a new-to-us bar to enjoy a few drinks. Not super exciting, but it was the perfect way to spend a night out!

Today Ava, Scott and I are heading out to see The Little Mermaid at a local high school theater. Poor little G doesn't get to do anything yet.  At least he gets to be cute!

 But now, I need to make some cinnamon rolls, so we can get the day going on a sweet note!

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