Sunday, June 19, 2016

Eight is Great!

We have entered the week of birthday festivities! Yesterday was Ava's eighth birthday...I'm not sure where the last eight years have gone, because last time I looked, she was still my little girl. We had a low key day yesterday, as Scott worked most of the day, and Ava had a friend over to play for a bit in the afternoon. And it was hot...nothing was moving too fast around here!

Here's our little peanut, eight years ago...

Ave and I did make a trip to Barnes & Noble yesterday, and picked up a new Minecraft book for her, along with a yummy cupcake for her dessert last night (birthday cake will be had tonight with the extended family, as well as another cake next weekend at her friends party...we have a tendency to overdo it on the cakes so I'm trying to dial it back a bit...)

I made her requested dinner of pigs in a blankets and mac and cheese...everyone cleaned their plate last night! And then it was gift time! We bought her a new bike earlier this week, so that was her big gift from us this's neat to see her on a big girl bike as opposed to the one she got when she was four!

It was "Wacky Day" at her Summer Power program on Friday, so she came home with pink, purple and sparkly hair!

Love those bright blue eyes!

That's a BIG candle for a little cupcake!

I love how G keeps his eye on the cupcake at all times...

G is trying to figure out why Ava is so excited...she is thrilled to have three new American Girl books to read!  Thanks, Steph!!

What a ham...

G has been fighting a fever over the last week, but I think he's finally kicked it...he hasn't had once since Thursday night.  Poor kid!

Having fun coloring, while cooling down...

Tonight all of the grandparents are coming over to help celebrate Ava's birthday, as well as Father's Day.  And then next weekend, we'll be hosting 9 little kids for Ava's friends birthday...I'm really hoping for good weather so we can be outside and let them burn off some energy in the sprinkler. This week is all about planning for that party! Ava and I did pick out the cake that she wants for next week, so at least that part is decided!

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad, as well as Scott...he's a great father to our kids and constantly makes them laugh. And eat their vegetables. Lol.  Enjoy your special day!

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