Sunday, May 22, 2016

You CAN Wash Light-Up Shoes!

We have a puker! Little G apparently wasn't feeling the greatest and decided to spill his guts (literally) all over his crib on Sunday night. Nothing says "motherly love" more than scraping off vomit, with your fingernails, at 3:30a.m.  Thank goodness we have a washing machine...I can't imagine how horrible it would be to have to hand wash items, during times like this. Or, anytime really. Yay for washing machines!

He didn't have a fever, and was in good spirits, so we sent him off to daycare, and all was well.  Until Wednesday when I got a call that he threw up right after breakfast. So, he spent the afternoon with Daddy, and the next morning with me. And he was fine! No more vomit. But, the bigger mystery was...where were his shoes?! When Scott picked him up on Wednesday, he was shoeless, so G was introduced to his new  flip flops (not so sure about them at first, but he likes them now.)  When I dropped him off midday on Thursday, we located his shoes at daycare...spackled with vomit, in a plastic bag...ugh.  I did some research and corresponded with a mom-friend, and we decided it's ok to wash light-up shoes!  These shoes were pretty new and are fabulous at accommodating toddler feet that don't always bend well, so I couldn't just chuck them. So, now they are squeaky clean, and look better than ever!  And G was pretty excited to see them on Friday...he ditched the flip flops pretty quickly in lieu of the Spider-Man shoes!

A busy work week led me into a busy day off on Friday...I'm using a new to-do app, and with that fantastic organizational tool, have managed to make a big dent on my project list at home. Feels so good to be productive! We also hired a company to clean our house, so Tuesday was the deep cleaning day...and they did a fabulous job! So glad we made that decision, and are happy they'll be coming back next month. That decision means that my weekend wasn't focused solely on cleaning...I could work on other things and spend time with the family. Win-win!

I did manage to find the time to enjoy a short break by a lake this the warmth from the sun, and the feeling of calmness from the water!

Ava had a fun week...she went to Dakota City on Friday with her class, and they were so good that they had a special ice cream treat while they were there. Plus she got her new bedding, so we've been discussing paint colors.  AND, she now has her very own desk, thanks to Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug!  Looking forward to getting all of her art supplies organized.  We also had a fun trip to Michaels yesterday to pick up supplies for her American Girl's so neat to see how creative she can be.

Speaking of creativity, look at her word problem below.  I was thinking it would be something like, "You have 156 cupcakes, you shared 20 with your now have 136 cupcakes left."  NOPE!  Leave it to my kid to also incorporate a life lesson into it.  Funny!

Ava has the 2nd Grade Track & Field day this week, which should be fun. Plus, she's registered for swimming lessons this, we're counting down the days until school is out!  (12 school days, if you're interested. LOL)

Last night, we brought the toddler bed into G's room, and he was thrilled.  He kept calling his crib the baby bed, and his new one the big boy bed.  When Ava moved from the crib to the toddler bed, I had no worries about the transition...she listened and stayed put in her room.  I was a bit more concerned with G, as he listens, and then chooses to do his own thing.  But, he stayed in his bed the entire night, and is still snoozing.  He didn't fall out, cry, or anything.  Looks like we really DO have a big boy!

We'll be spending today with family, knocking off some more items on the to-do list (one of my things to do is to create a "honey do" list for Scott...he'll love that, I'm sure!)  AND, it's going to be gorgeous today, so we are hoping to working on the garden, and get some new plants outside.  What a beautiful time of year - feeling very blessed!!

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