Sunday, April 24, 2016

40...It's Just a Number!

I'm pretty laid back when it comes to illness...I always assume that it's nothing serious, and don't get too worked up about the kids getting sick. Both G and I had fevers earlier in the week, so I knew we both had some sort of bug. Mine was a 24-hour deal, where G's held on for a bit longer.  It's a good thing I married a man who is hyper-anxious when the kids are sick (we balance each other well, as has been proven time and time again...)

Scott called me on Wednesday afternoon and told me that G's belly was really bloated and rock hard, so he made an appointment to take G to the doctor after daycare. G's regular clinic stated that he needed X-rays, and that he needed to take him to the, off they went. I joined them at the hospital, and we settled in for a long, long night. The ER took X-rays, and told us he had a blockage and air in his tummy. A glycerin suppository was given, which helped to some degree, but after an ultrasound, it showed that there was still a blockage...and oh, BTW, his appendix is inflamed. At that point, we went from an observation patient to in-patient status. We were admitted to a room, and after many more rounds of poking and prodding, we were finally able to go to sleep around midnight.

The nursing staff checked on G throughout the night, and by morning, his belly was much less distended, much softer, and whatever blockage he had seemed to have been released. :)  But there was still that pesky appendix issue...we had visits from a surgeon, nurses, pediatric doctors, etc., and the consensus was that the appendix must be removed!

Surgery was scheduled for 11:15am on Thursday, so Scott headed home for a quick shower...unfortunately, when the nurse came to get G 45 minutes early, Scott wasn't there.  I met with the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and surgery nurses, and then sent G off into surgery. And then sat alone in the room and cried. Really, it's a simple procedure, but G had never had surgery before, so we weren't sure how he'd react to being put under. Needless to say, Scott was disappointed that he wasn't there when they took G away (but when the surgeons are ready for go!)

But, Scott was there when the surgeon came to meet with us afterwards! It's very rare for appendicitis to occur in a usually happens with people ages 8-18. Plus, a toddler isn't really good at verbalizing exactly what pain they are feeling. G wasn't tender at the spot where the appendix was located, plus, he is young...point being, the surgeon wasn't convinced that this was appendicitis. And, he confirmed that once he pulled the appendix out, it was completely normal!

So, here's what we think happened...G had a stomach bug, it enlarged his bowels, and irritated his appendix. Without a doubt, he DID have acute appendicitis on Wednesday night, as his appendix was inflamed in the ultrasound, and his white blood count was elevated.  But, once they started loading him up with antibiotics (in preparation for the surgery) it took care of the acute appendicitis issue. We're still happy that he had the gave the surgeon the chance to look around inside, plus an inflamed appendix isn't something to mess around with. Even better, he'll never have to deal with this when he's older!

The little guy is recovering great...we haven't even given him any pain meds since Friday morning, since he isn't saying yes when we're asking if his tummy hurts. Amazing!

Not happy in his hospital crib!

Contemplating surgery (and Nick Jr on TV) the next morning, before surgery...

Sleeping soundly after surgery

There's our happy boy!  Back to his smiley self by the afternoon!

G got so tired of the nurses coming to check on him that he eventually started saying, "I'm better, I'm better!" any time they would enter our room, just to try to keep them away.  And he really didn't like his IV, so as a nurse was trying to adjust something with it, he kept thanking her. So polite!

Let's see, what else happened this week? Oh, that's right, I also turned 40 on Thursday! My little guy totally one-upped my milestone birthday. The silver lining is that I got to spend all day with my two guys! And I had some really nice pre and post birthday celebrations with family and friends.  I've got a fun massage/dinner out planned with a good friend in a few weeks, and a birthday redo with another good friend at some point in May (Em's birthday was on Tuesday last week, and she also had a sucky birthday, so we called for a redo!)

We went out with some of my co-workers on Monday night (they also had April birthdays)...Ava loved being a part of the group at Benihana!

It looks like the cake is on's really not!

Only 7 for each decade, and three pretty stars!

Yummy birthday dessert at Pazzaluna in St Paul!

Great birthday dinner out with Scott!

In other non-surgery and birthday news, our dogs are lazy and like the sun.  I thought this was an interesting choice on sleeping locations.

Poor Ava...we've barely seen her this week. She was at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's on Wednesday night, at a friend's house on Friday night, and back to Deb and Whitey's last night so we could go out!

Looking forward to a nice, quiet birthdays, no surprise hospital visits...just peace and quiet!  (We'll see if I eat my words!)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

High Five!

I remember when Ava turned of her gifts was a new bicycle from us.  It was princess-themed, it had a basket in the shape of Cinderella's carriage, and there were shiny, pretty streamers on the handles.  And it had training wheels, of course.  Our sweet daughter was so excited to get on it and start riding! After we had suited her up with all of her protective gear, she took off down the alley, got stuck on a grate in the road, and managed to tip the bike over while at a complete standstill.  I still don't know how that happened.

After that, she wasn't so interested in riding her bike much. I'm not sure she even got on the bike last summer.  So, Scott and I decided that 2016 is the year of change.  Last weekend, he raised the bike seat and took off the training wheels.  And after 15 minutes of Scott walking with her, she managed to ride without assistance!  I'm pretty sure that this bike is too small for her, but we're going to have her practice on it until she has it down, and then she can get a new one.  So proud of our girl!

Scott also thought it would be fun to put G on Ava's old tricycle...and G had a blast! He can't quite get the pedals down, but at least he has a better chance of keeping up with his big sister this way.  One of my coworkers has a Spiderman bike that her son has outgrown so we're going to take it off her hands.   After G got his new Spiderman shoes a few weeks ago, he has decided he's a fan, so this should go over well.

The Tooth Fairy made another stop at our house this week...the last of Ava's top middle teeth came out while she was at school - #5 is out!  I had the chance to talk to her teacher the next day and she mentioned that she convinced Ava to pull it out while in class on Tuesday morning! Ava was so excited to lose her tooth at school as she then got a little treasure chest to keep the tooth safe until she got home (she's been wanting one of those for a looong time.) 

Since we recently had the chat about where the Tooth Fairy was going to pick up the tooth that night, I didn't even get any push back for that evening when we left it outside of her room on the bookshelf.  However, Ava was disappointed that she got a gold coin, she wants quarters. Okee dokee!

I have several friends with Himalayan salt lamps, so I bought one to keep in our office at home. The first time G saw it, he asked me if it was meat (it does look like a ham.)  When I explained it was a lamp and then turned it on, he asked if it was a pumpkin.  Good question, kid.  After further discussion, he is now aware that it's a lamp. Not meat, and not a pumpkin.  And yes, it does taste like salt - both Scott and I tasted it!

Totally looks like ham!

And a lit-up pumpkin...

Yesterday was gorgeous, and Scott had to work all day, so my friend Matt and I planned a play date (his wife works on Saturdays, and he has three young kids.) We were going to go to a really neat play area in Bloomington, but it was super busy, so we ended up at a local park by my work.  It was nice that there was a big play structure, and then a little one for kids aged 2-5...gave G something to do!

After we had exhausted the park features, we headed over to have ice cream treats at a local restaurant. G made a HUGE mess, and it's clear that he is not ready to stop taking naps...he turned into a little monster while we were there.  As soon as we got home, I put him down for a nap, and he was out within minutes. All in all, it was fun to get out on a gorgeous day!

Matt was explaining the finer points of this equipment to his son, Elijah, and G

Wheeeee!  I went down this slide with him many times until I decided I needed to recruit Ava to take over the job.

We ended up having a bonfire last night and made s'mores for the neighborhood kids, plus had a chance to catch up with a neighbor. I hit my wall at 10:30pm and went inside to snooze on the couch. Scott came in shortly thereafter and headed over to another neighbor's fire (I was too pooped to go) and he didn't get home until 1am!  That's the latest he has stayed out in a really long time...I have a feeling he'll be a little tired by the time 7pm rolls around tonight.  Luckily, we have no big plans for the day, and he'll be able to take it easy...which is good because it's gorgeous again outside.  Spring just might be here to stay!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fore! And Four!

It's time for the Masters, which in my past work life meant that I would be working on sending an elite group of people from the automotive industry to Augusta, but means that we get to play mini golf at my work. There were nine different themed holes, created by employees, and the entire company had the chance to play multiple rounds this week. It was par 21 for the course, and my score was 31, so...I just had fun playing. Those with the top score ended up competing in the finals, while we all watched, drank beer/Arnie Palmers, and ended the week on a high note.

This hole allowed two players at a time...the hole is under the stool, which wouldn't be tricky, except it was on a (small) pinnacle...

Also in exciting news...Ava's fourth tooth popped out this week. It was super wiggly, and I was concerned that she was going to swallow it while she was sleeping.  I didn't think the chances of that happening were very high, but yesterday I heard that one of my friend's son just lost his first tooth and he swallowed it while sleeping! So, it could happen. Luckily, Ava's came out while she was awaking and munching on crackers.

I implemented a new rule where the box with the tooth has to stay outside of Ava's room, so the Tooth Fairy doesn't wake her up while she's here.  Based on how the tooth #3 switch went, the TF had requested that change due to the level of light sleeping by Ava.  Ava debated with me until I finally said the TF won't come back if Ava wakes up and sees her. Case closed. And the tooth/coin switch was made flawlessly, without any stress...

Grandma Karen accompanied me and G to get his hair cut on Thursday...seriously, it's like the lady was cutting his head off, he screamed so much. One day, it'll be easy...but, that day is not now! It turned out super cute, so now he's set for his spring pics at daycare!

He decided to wear my running shoes for a bit

Yesterday, Ava and I participated in the Color Run at her elementary school. It's a two mile course through the surrounding neighborhood, and there was colors galore all over the streets. I had to wonder what the homeowners thought about all of the foot traffic and color saturating their lawns.  Ava and I got nailed with more color this year, and with some prompting, we even RAN more of the course this year.  It was fun, chilly, and a good way to spend time doing something active with Ava!



My sleeve will never be the same...

Today is all about relaxing and spending time at home...with how busy we are at work (it's not always golf and games,) I've really taken to enjoying my personal time with my family when I can. These kids are getting so big, so fast...and I'm making an effort not to wish the time away. They won't be little forever!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Who Ate the Remaining Jellybeans?

The rest of our Easter Sunday was great...and very filling. I ate like I hadn't eaten in weeks; it was so good! Both kids loved their second Easter baskets, and Ava and Grandma Deb had fun testing out the new skip-jump things that Ava got. Who are we kidding, we had just as much fun watching them trying to use them!

We also had a mystery solved...the white, fuzzy Puppy returned! On Monday night, G appeared with a very flat and smooshed puppy. We still don't exactly know where he was hidden, but we think it might have been super squished between the couch cushions. Since that discovery, G has been very attached to Puppy and wants to bring him everywhere.

Ava played an April's Fool joke on us by bringing home a Cardinal Code note for not listening while in school.  We figured it out pretty quickly, so Scott turned the tables on her, and told her he didn't think it was a funny joke (she does talk a lot, wouldn't be too far from the truth if that had really happened...) and she was going to bed right after dinner. It was interesting to watch the two of them debate (I was happy not to be a part of it) and finally, Scott called April Fools on her. Needless to say, Ava was relieved!

Ava and I made Cadbury mini egg cookies yesterday...they turned out pretty good, but much flatter and crispier than I usually like. But, it was fun, and that's what matters!  Today, G is going to spend the afternoon with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey, while we take Ava to see Zootopia...super excited for that!  After that, my parents are coming over for dinner, so it'll be a busy end to the weekend!

Right now, we're all snuggled in our bed watching Mickey Mouse...seems like a great way to start this Sunday!