Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rides & Runs

With the gorgeous weather we've been having lately, it's not surprise that we've been outside more this week...we've even hit the 70's in the past few days, and after a quick look around yesterday afternoon, I realized that all of the snow is gone!  The past haunts me with snowfalls in early May, so I'm reluctant to say that winter is over, can hope!

Last Sunday we took the kids' wheels out of the garage storage, charged them up, and let them ride around the streets of our 'hood.  Once G saw Ava take off in her Corvette, he wanted to go after her, but alas, little Thomas just doesn't go that fast.  G had a ton of fun playing outside while Ava was at the park that was the first time we let her go to the park by herself.  It's only a block away, and it's surrounded by our neighborhood, but it was still a little nerve racking.  The good thing is that she's a smart kid, and knows how to stay out of trouble.  And she had a ton of fun, and even made some new friends!

Our lease was up on our truck this month, so we've spent a few weeks picking out the next version of the Goers' ride.  We ended up with a "pretty" (I've been told I can't use that word to describe a truck, but it IS pretty!) ruby red F150.  Just gorgeous!  My only request was heated seats...and my wish was granted.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, I haven't ridden in the truck yet, as we've taken two vehicles everywhere we've gone this weekend, due to schedules.  One of these days I'm sure I'll be able to check it out! :)

Yesterday was absolutely lovely outside, for which I am very grateful!  My good friend and I ran the Get Lucky 7k in downtown Minneapolis, and the weather was perfect!  Normally, I'm a walker, and prefer not to run, but we actually ran a good portion of this one...40% running/60% walking...and I'm paying for it today!  My thighs, my abs, and my biceps (??) are sore!  I had the flu a few weeks ago, so that didn't help my breathing situation, but next time, I'll do better!  My friend was a great influence and encouraged me the whole way!  At one point, as we were running up a hill, he put his hand on my back and literally pushed me while we ran...and it worked!  For sure I'm doing the Women Rock 5k in August, but we'll see if any more runs pop up this summer that look like fun!  Note: no pics from the run, as I didn't want to carry my phone for the race...the lighter, the better!

After the run was done, I met up with the family in SSP for a benefit to help raise money for Scott's cousin who has cancer.  It was a good turnout, and I'm hoping their goal amount was reached.  They had a booze raffle, and we ended up winning 3 bottles of liquor (Bacardi, wild honey vodka, and regular vodka), but we donated the Bacardi bottle back to the raffle (we just don't drink much rum.)  The wild honey vodka sounds interesting, though!

Gorgeous face paint for Ava!

Yum!  (I hope!)

By the time I got to the benefit, G had already left with Grandma Deb, and I missed that little guy, so when I left the benefit, Ava and I went up to visit with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey, and to spend a little time with G. And when it was time for Ava and I to leave, G had no problems saying goodbye, and waving us away.  LOL, he's getting so independent!!  (Makes me sad, a bit...)

Tomorrow is a big day for G...we found out last week that he is moving to the Transitional Twos room at daycare.  No more Toddler room for him - Friday was his last day!  He spent a few hours in his new room last week and did a great job.  He already knows a bunch of the kids in there since they were also in the Toddler room with him before they moved up.  Exciting changes for G!  We were working on his counting skills on Friday night, and he did great up through six...and then...he thought 7 looked like 1 (sure, I can see it), he thought the 8 was a 3 (definitely possible) and he thought 9 was 6 (ok, that works, I guess?) By the time he got to 10, he said "7? 1? 0? 10???"  Poor kid was so confused!! But it was really cute to listen to.

And today I'll be at home.  Home Sweet Home.  It's been a busy weekend full of running around and meeting up with friends and family...and I'm ready to just hang out here, and enjoy the time with my family, while getting some house tasks done.  It's not sunny out, so at least I don't feel compelled to try to run the pain out of my legs today!

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