Sunday, March 6, 2016

High Temps...without the Fun Sun

For the last few months, I've been on a mission to find the perfect thermometer. Seems a little silly, right? Now that G is no longer a a baby, and we don't have to go the rectal route for taking his temp, I figured it was time to get a thermometer that was quick, easy, and accurate. I had bought a very expensive temporal one, which required scanning across the also requires a steady hand, a steady child, and patience. Those three things are never available together, it appears.

Just Saturday, I found one that meets our needs...super fast, consistent readings, and non-invasive. Perfect! And just in time because this past week, I used it on everyone in the house. I think this time, we can blame it on G...he was sick a few weeks back, and I can remember clearly, on several occasions where he coughed in my face. But, as a mom, that happens all the time, so I blew it off...until last Monday, when I came down with the flu. No energy, fever, and some serious pains when I coughed (like I felt I had broken a rib kind of pain...but I hadn't been coughing that much!)

I was hit the hardest, so I'm still recovering.  In the meantime, Ava started running a fever, and Scott started feeling miserable, too.  The house should have been quarantined! As of today, everyone is doing okay. Not great, but on the upswing. And that little thermometer made it so easy for me to track everyone's progress.  It's the little things!

The puppies liked my high body heat on Monday, and snuggled right into my lap.

One bright spot this week were the Drumsticks that Scott bought us for treats. G really had his nose buried into the ice cream, and even Ava managed to get a big swoop of chocolate up her cheek.

It was Spring picture day on Friday - hopefully she showed off the gap in her teeth with a big smile!

Silly boy...he climbed in and rocked it until it tipped over.  And did this over and over and game, I guess!

We're going to try a new (to us) restaurant for a brunch this morning...pretty excited since I saw it (The Mason Jar) last fall, and then managed to forget about it.  The menu looks great, so I have high hopes to kick this beautiful Sunday off right!

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