Sunday, March 27, 2016

Football, Cupcakes and Eggs!

Scott bought G a full size football last weekend...even though it's WAY too big for G's little hands, he loves carrying it around, and trying to throw it to people.  Ava was having a great time trying to play with G, but he didn't quite understand that she was playing, and not trying to be mean.  We had to remind Ava that she can take the ball away from G, but needs to give it back to him.  I captured some fun moments of their "play" time...

I'm not sure that elbowing in the head is legal, Ava...

 Deep contemplation about something...

While Scott was off getting G ready to go pro, Ava and I had a fun afternoon of errands and a late lunch.  As we were driving all around town, she made a comment about how it was a good afternoon of Ava & Mom time.  She's now at the age where it's easy to take her places...not as much whining, she listens to directions,'s fun!  G on the other hand...taking him out is a super pain in the tushie!

We had a fairly busy week in the evenings...there was a freak snowstorm (12" by home, 1" by work...?), I had a going-away HH for a coworker, we got our taxes done (woohoo), Darla had a vet appointment (newsflash: she's an old dog), and we helped Grandma Deb celebrate her birthday!

Yummy cupcakes for Grandma Deb!

And some flowers to brighten her snowy day!

Strange March snowstorm...this is a tree by work

Ava had a great Spring Break (one of these days, we should actually go somewhere during break.)  The Reptile and Amphibian Discovery Zoo came to her location on Monday (last night, she and Grandpa Doug educated us about the legless lizard), she went to Pump It Up on Tuesday, bowling on Wednesday, and Edinborough (indoor park) on Thursday.  Lots of fun activities to keep her happy and occupied!  And G had a PJ day and "bring a buddy to breakfast" day this week.  I was his buddy...we had fun sitting on teeny tiny little chairs, while eating a yummy breakfast of pastries and fruit. He thought it was pretty exciting that we BOTH got to drink out of juice boxes!  The only downside was that he had a meltdown when I needed to leave...even the next day he said to me, "Mommy breakfast?"

Ava's Spring 2016 picture from school

Yummy breakfast!

The kids and I were home all day on Friday, and Ava finally had a chance to paint some of her duplicate Shopkins...something she had been wanting to do forever!  Yesterday, she finished painting her flowerpots and tray set...also something she had been wanting to do for a while.  It's amazing what can be accomplished when you're at home for a few hours at a time!  At the end of the day, we snuggled on the couch and ended up watching a new Barbie movie - even G was interested in it!

Two dogs and one G on my lap...I could barely move.  Darla didn't seem to mind the massage that G was giving her...with his foot!

When Scott got home, we decided to make it a real movie night, and after G was in bed, we ordered "Daddy's Home", which was the movie we tried to see in theaters a few months ago, with no luck.  We all liked it!

Last night, Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug came over for an early Easter dinner and egg dyeing!  We had picked up a tie-dye kit last month, and it turned out to be pretty fun and easy.  The eggs don't look as pretty as they did on the box (of course) but we had a good time...and that's what matters! It got really loud and chaotic at some points, so it was a nice relief when all kids were in bed, and there were a few moments of silence for Scott and me.

Grandpa Doug and G playing ball

Workin' on those eggs...

Circles were the main result...and Scott made the only full color egg. It was fun trying something new, though!

Opening their Easter cards from Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug

And of course the Easter Bunny came last night!  The kids had a great time searching for eggs...and Ava was very good at leaving the lower eggs for G to find, and even announced her intention to help G find the last egg.  When I counted the eggs and claimed that we had one more to find, Ava wanted to know how I knew how many there were.  Ummm...the Easter Bunny had left me a note letting me know how many he had left, so we didn't leave any hidden! Thank you, Easter Bunny, for being so thoughtful and organized!

Yes, G likes Minnie Mouse.  Minnie now joins Goofy and Mickey in our collection.

I made something new for breakfast...a cheese-y, egg-y, bacon-y, crescent roll ring...not too bad!

Speaking of hidden things...G's fuzzy white puppy went missing after nap time on Saturday, and we still can't find it.  We have looked everywhere, without luck.  The good news is that G has apparently wiped the memory of white fuzzy puppy from his mind (he slept with him every night for the last year?!?) and has quickly moved on to another puppy.  Glad he's able to let things go, but sentiment for that little boy!  Unless he did away with white fuzzy puppy, and is not sad that he's missing.  So weird that we can't find it...

Wishing you a Happy Easter - what a glorious day!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Green Machine

I have decided that St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday...just for the simple fact that I love the color green. And it is definitely a day where green is prevalent!  I usually realize, on March 16, that my kids don't have anything green to wear, and then I try to throw something together. Not this year! I was prepped with green shirts for all, and in fact, I even dressed G in green earlier in the week, leading up to the day.  What's even better is that G's daycare had rainbow day on Friday, and G's class was chosen to wear green!  (I never realized how much green he has in his closet...whew!)

Even Black Bear got in the spirit and wore a green hat!

My work had a fun St. Patty's Day party on Thursday afternoon/night, and at home, Scott made an Irish dinner...the corned beef and cabbage was quite fragrant throughout the house!

The Get Lucky triplets - Dee, Chris, Matt

This was Amy's last BIW party...but we'll still be walking/running those 5ks together!

We also had our good friends spend Saturday night with us...those crazy girls were up until almost midnight. I have a feeling there might be some crabby pants in our house today!

Waiting patiently for our table for dinner...

G had a great first week in his new room at daycare...he's made new friends, is sitting on the potty, and is eating with the big kids. Looks like his transition has been a success!

Let's not forget that today is the first day of Spring! I can hear the birds chirping, and I'm hoping there's not snow on the ground when I peek out the window in a few minutes...that was a crazy surprise yesterday morning to see everything covered in white.  I much prefer the green!

Beautiful flowers to remind me Spring is here!

I came home this week to this nice message on our driveway..."Dad" is the blob between Mom and Garrett!

Happy Sunday, Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rides & Runs

With the gorgeous weather we've been having lately, it's not surprise that we've been outside more this week...we've even hit the 70's in the past few days, and after a quick look around yesterday afternoon, I realized that all of the snow is gone!  The past haunts me with snowfalls in early May, so I'm reluctant to say that winter is over, can hope!

Last Sunday we took the kids' wheels out of the garage storage, charged them up, and let them ride around the streets of our 'hood.  Once G saw Ava take off in her Corvette, he wanted to go after her, but alas, little Thomas just doesn't go that fast.  G had a ton of fun playing outside while Ava was at the park that was the first time we let her go to the park by herself.  It's only a block away, and it's surrounded by our neighborhood, but it was still a little nerve racking.  The good thing is that she's a smart kid, and knows how to stay out of trouble.  And she had a ton of fun, and even made some new friends!

Our lease was up on our truck this month, so we've spent a few weeks picking out the next version of the Goers' ride.  We ended up with a "pretty" (I've been told I can't use that word to describe a truck, but it IS pretty!) ruby red F150.  Just gorgeous!  My only request was heated seats...and my wish was granted.  Hooray!  Unfortunately, I haven't ridden in the truck yet, as we've taken two vehicles everywhere we've gone this weekend, due to schedules.  One of these days I'm sure I'll be able to check it out! :)

Yesterday was absolutely lovely outside, for which I am very grateful!  My good friend and I ran the Get Lucky 7k in downtown Minneapolis, and the weather was perfect!  Normally, I'm a walker, and prefer not to run, but we actually ran a good portion of this one...40% running/60% walking...and I'm paying for it today!  My thighs, my abs, and my biceps (??) are sore!  I had the flu a few weeks ago, so that didn't help my breathing situation, but next time, I'll do better!  My friend was a great influence and encouraged me the whole way!  At one point, as we were running up a hill, he put his hand on my back and literally pushed me while we ran...and it worked!  For sure I'm doing the Women Rock 5k in August, but we'll see if any more runs pop up this summer that look like fun!  Note: no pics from the run, as I didn't want to carry my phone for the race...the lighter, the better!

After the run was done, I met up with the family in SSP for a benefit to help raise money for Scott's cousin who has cancer.  It was a good turnout, and I'm hoping their goal amount was reached.  They had a booze raffle, and we ended up winning 3 bottles of liquor (Bacardi, wild honey vodka, and regular vodka), but we donated the Bacardi bottle back to the raffle (we just don't drink much rum.)  The wild honey vodka sounds interesting, though!

Gorgeous face paint for Ava!

Yum!  (I hope!)

By the time I got to the benefit, G had already left with Grandma Deb, and I missed that little guy, so when I left the benefit, Ava and I went up to visit with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey, and to spend a little time with G. And when it was time for Ava and I to leave, G had no problems saying goodbye, and waving us away.  LOL, he's getting so independent!!  (Makes me sad, a bit...)

Tomorrow is a big day for G...we found out last week that he is moving to the Transitional Twos room at daycare.  No more Toddler room for him - Friday was his last day!  He spent a few hours in his new room last week and did a great job.  He already knows a bunch of the kids in there since they were also in the Toddler room with him before they moved up.  Exciting changes for G!  We were working on his counting skills on Friday night, and he did great up through six...and then...he thought 7 looked like 1 (sure, I can see it), he thought the 8 was a 3 (definitely possible) and he thought 9 was 6 (ok, that works, I guess?) By the time he got to 10, he said "7? 1? 0? 10???"  Poor kid was so confused!! But it was really cute to listen to.

And today I'll be at home.  Home Sweet Home.  It's been a busy weekend full of running around and meeting up with friends and family...and I'm ready to just hang out here, and enjoy the time with my family, while getting some house tasks done.  It's not sunny out, so at least I don't feel compelled to try to run the pain out of my legs today!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

High Temps...without the Fun Sun

For the last few months, I've been on a mission to find the perfect thermometer. Seems a little silly, right? Now that G is no longer a a baby, and we don't have to go the rectal route for taking his temp, I figured it was time to get a thermometer that was quick, easy, and accurate. I had bought a very expensive temporal one, which required scanning across the also requires a steady hand, a steady child, and patience. Those three things are never available together, it appears.

Just Saturday, I found one that meets our needs...super fast, consistent readings, and non-invasive. Perfect! And just in time because this past week, I used it on everyone in the house. I think this time, we can blame it on G...he was sick a few weeks back, and I can remember clearly, on several occasions where he coughed in my face. But, as a mom, that happens all the time, so I blew it off...until last Monday, when I came down with the flu. No energy, fever, and some serious pains when I coughed (like I felt I had broken a rib kind of pain...but I hadn't been coughing that much!)

I was hit the hardest, so I'm still recovering.  In the meantime, Ava started running a fever, and Scott started feeling miserable, too.  The house should have been quarantined! As of today, everyone is doing okay. Not great, but on the upswing. And that little thermometer made it so easy for me to track everyone's progress.  It's the little things!

The puppies liked my high body heat on Monday, and snuggled right into my lap.

One bright spot this week were the Drumsticks that Scott bought us for treats. G really had his nose buried into the ice cream, and even Ava managed to get a big swoop of chocolate up her cheek.

It was Spring picture day on Friday - hopefully she showed off the gap in her teeth with a big smile!

Silly boy...he climbed in and rocked it until it tipped over.  And did this over and over and game, I guess!

We're going to try a new (to us) restaurant for a brunch this morning...pretty excited since I saw it (The Mason Jar) last fall, and then managed to forget about it.  The menu looks great, so I have high hopes to kick this beautiful Sunday off right!