Sunday, February 7, 2016

Winter Chaos

Living in Minnesota means that we enjoy winter for roughly six months of the year. With that extensive time frame, it should mean that everyone up here is a well-experienced winter driver. And everyone knows how to bundle up, stay warm, and make the most of this lovely season.

But everyone once in a while, we get word of a storm coming, and everyone completely freaks out. Schools shut down 12 hours before the tiniest flakes even begin to fall, and panic ensues. That was Monday night of this past week. The arrival of a snow-free Tuesday morning means I received a phone call that Ava would be done with school at 12:30pm due to the impending storm. Scott and I then reminisced about when we were kids and how snow days didn't get called until at least there was snow ON the ground...and a substantial amount of it.

The snow didn't start to fall until around noon, so at that point Scott, Ava, and G were safe at home. My work closed early, but everyone in the entire metro also left early, so the roads weren't plowed, and they were packed. I chose to stay later at work, and by the time I headed home, there were absolutely no cars on the roads. None! It was a ghost town - creepy!

The next day was back to normal, and it's like the storm had never happened. Except poor Scott went out to plow as soon as I got home on Tuesday, and only got a few hours of sleep. Plus, he took care of snowblowing our driveway, as well as the neighbor's...TWICE - the last time at 11pm!  That guy needs a vacation!

Despite the snow, Ava is in full Valentines Day mode...she had her class party on Friday, where they made sugar cube castles. She is now in love with sugar cubes and wants to eat them as a snack. I am rekindling my love with sugar cubes and am enjoying them in my coffee. The castles had to stay at school for the weekend to set up...can't wait to see how it turned out!  She also worked on her second set of Valentines for her classmates yesterday...we did the first round last weekend, and they fell apart, so we had to scrap those and start over (all store bought...not handmade! We don't have time for that crafty stuff!)

Taking a break to read G a bedtime story!

I'm SUPER excited for the big game today - it's fun having a favorite team playing! Plus, I'll be watching it with at least 2.5 other Bronco fans, so there'll be plenty of Orange support at my house! Ava is the .5 because she was a Packers fan the last few years, and until she bleeds purple (Vikings) or orange (Broncos), I think she's a fair weather fan. I can't give her full credit yet! :)  And little G loves football so much, he'll just be happy to see it on tv!  The kid thinks he sees footballs everywhere...this past week, he saw a football in a drawing of a mouth, and also in a leaf in a book.  When can I sign this kid up for sports?!

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