Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why We Wear Shoes

In G's daycare class, they have a daily lesson, such as "why we share" or "different parts of our body".  Recently, the lesson was "why we wear shoes"...and when I saw that on his daily sheet, I truly laughed out loud!

Each weekday, I'm a single parent in the morning, and am responsible for getting these two children up, dressed, fed, out the door, etc. We made some changes to the routine that have made the process a million times easier with Ava (thank you chore chart!) but now G has stepped it up and is being a super stinker in the morning. Each step in the morning routine is a challenge...and bless Ava's heart, she tries to help, but sometimes even her presence pushes G over the edge. She will bring him his jacket, toys, and his boots, and he generally will have none of that. Especially the boots!  I often have to pretend to put on his boots in order for him to agree to wear them...and, they don't fit my feet!  I would love to use the "why we wear shoes" lesson with G...
 G has had some super cute artwork lately. 

I must have missed the fact that he only has three fingers on his left hand!

We had Ava's teacher conference this past week, and she's doing great! The biggest thing we need to continue to work on with her is spacing between her letters when she writes.  She's advanced in reading, and doing well in all of her other subjects...including chit chatting. That girl loves to talk, and sometimes it gets her in trouble!

She helped me make cinnamon streusel muffins last Sunday...and a tower out of the muffin liners!

Her little sugar cube castle - yum!

I gave her an Oreo, and she completely removed the middle in one piece.  I'm hoping she ate that middle's the best part!

On Friday afternoon, Scott, my parents and I went to the RV show in downtown Minneapolis. I had never been in a super fancy RV, so that was the first one we checked out...after that, anything else paled in comparison.  I had no idea that RVs had guest baths or fireplaces! Wow!  

After narrowing the options down to a few models, it was time to get some drinks and food. We stopped at the bar in the convention center and enjoyed a flight of local beers, and then headed over to The Capital Grille for dinner. I've never been disappointed with a meal was fantastic! I love going to downtown once in a while; there's energy and excitement there that isn't present in the suburbs. I'm hoping we can do this on a more frequent basis...there are many great restaurants in the area that we haven't had a chance to try yet!

The stout and golden ale were my favorites...and I don't even really like beer!

The caption reads: "Live well, and always find cause for celebration." YES!

Last night we headed over to the neighbor's house for a game night, but we didn't end up playing any games; we just chatted and had a chance to catch up with everyone we don't see during the winter. It was a fun way to spend a cold night...and the commute home was painless! 

Happy Valentine's Day! Looking forward to spending a great day with my loved ones!

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