Sunday, February 21, 2016

Candy Robots

Valentine's Day was a success last weekend! The kids had a great time with their school/daycare treats, and we had fun surprising them with both valentines at home. Now that G is getting older, it's fun to bring him into the little celebrations and have him enjoy them too! Both Scott and Ava picked out lovely flower arrangements for me...having these fresh flowers in our house makes the idea of spring feel a bit more real.

The kid's (Ava picked them out) gift to me is on the left, Scott's gift to me is on the them both!

A Valentine candy robot from G's daycare teachers...SO cute!

The cold weather has loosened up a bit, and it hasn't been as painful to be outside this week. The ground is still snowy and mushy, but now we've got parks and walks on the brain.  What are the chances that once this snow is gone, we won't get any more, and spring will be here?? I had that passing thought yesterday and had to squish it down, but...what if...?

Even though we can't get outside to play with friends, we can still have fun playing indoors. We had a fun play date yesterday with some new friends...and that completely wore us all out! Last night we had an early dinner and then watched a movie (and both kids paid attention for the entire time...another benefit to G getting older!) G sat right next to me for the majority of the movie, and at 7:30pm, when I told him it was time for bed, he said ok and ran right for the stairs. He brushed his teeth without any hassle, we read one book, and he was ready for bed. When I turned out the light, instead of a "goodnight" from G, I heard silence...he was already out!  And that's a sign of a good day!

He was able to catch a short nap on the drive home yesterday afternoon, but it clearly wasn't enough!

Today should be a good day for me, as well...I'm heading to the outlets with my mom to do some shopping.  Looking forward to getting outside, getting some steps, and spending time with my mom!

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