Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Magical Game Day Bunny

I often feel like I have a checklist of things to do for Ava's school and G's daycare...this week we had to take a family picture and find shoes for Ava to donate (school wide competition on which classroom could collect the most pair of shoes for last count, Ava's class had 70 pairs.  Pretty impressive!)

I always start the day off with good intentions, and have a running list in my mind of everything we need to accomplish that day, but by the time I get home at night, that list is often out the window, and all I have energy for is eating dinner, getting the kids ready for bed, and then crashing on the couch.  But on Thursday, I realized we had run out of time for the family pic, so we all squished onto the couch after dinner and said cheese!  Kind of.  It was really hard to get a decent pic of all of us, and the look on Ava's face made me laugh in this one.  We all look exhausted!

G was home sick one day this week...he had a fever and a cough, and just wasn't acting like himself.  He's doing better now (still not 100%)...I'm sure it's because of the love and attention that Grandma Karen paid to him when he was home from daycare during the day.  Thanks for watching him, Grandma K! :)

It's important to match your food to your utensils.

Yesterday was cold.  Like, really, really cold.  So, of course Ava came downstairs dressed in a skirt and short sleeve shirt...with all sort of accessories.  She called this look "the Magical Game Day Bunny"...pretty interesting since I don't think she knew there were some important football games yesterday.  She can dress however she'd like today if it helps the Broncos win the game against the Steelers!  I wonder if we have a horse-ear headband stashed away in her dress-up clothes somewhere...

Just to mix things up a bit, we met up with some friends last night for dinner.  They're on a plane to Mexico right now (we decided not to go this year) and were staying right by the airport, so it was easy, in theory, to get together.  Much like we had movie theater issues last Saturday night, we had serious parking lot issues last night.  We circled the parking lot at their hotel for at least 15 minutes, and there was no place to park!  Thank goodness everyone is flexible, so we changed the plans and went to Friday's for dinner instead. 

I ran into a lady in the restaurant bathroom who had her son (3 years, maybe?) with her, and as he was walking out of the stall, his pants completely fell off.  She sighed heavily, and at that moment, we totally bonded.  I said "It's exhausting, isn't it?" to which she replied "I'm so ready for bed."  It was 8pm on a Saturday night.  This is the life of a mom with young kids!

Dee and Tiff - and crazy G!

Scott, Darren...and G!  That kid gets around.

Isabel, Ava and Evy...entranced by the phone...

Scott and my dad are headed off to the Sportsman's Show in St Paul today, so the kids and I are going to hang out at home, where it's warm, and hopefully Grandma K will come over to keep us company!

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