Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bits and Pieces of Time

I had a very strange schedule this week, which made the time go by super fast, yet, by the end of the week, it felt like it was ten days long.  My time was chunked into pieces, and everything felt very distorted. All I know is that today is my day to do nothing but enjoy my time at errands, no commitments, nothing. Just an unstructured day.  I need it.

After working a full day this past Monday, I thought it would be fun to hop on a plane to NYC. To add to the enjoyment, I decided that's there's no better way to travel than in the last row of the plane, where seats don't recline, and windows don't exist. Who needs windows when it's a bumpy flight, and you have no idea how close you are to the ground?  Not this girl!  (Hahaha...I hate flying.) 

Once I landed in NY, I had the joy of standing in the cold (it was SO cold, the wind was brutal!) waiting for a cab. I did end up getting a super nice cabbie for my commute to the hotel. Thank goodness he was nice, as all three of my credit cards were declined when I was trying to pay for my cab me, I have no issues with my cards. It was just another battle to face at midnight on Monday. But, nice cab guy took me to the closest ATM and even knocked off part of his fare to make it easier to pay in cash.  My hotel was a welcome site and I got to bed at 1:30am.  Side note: my cards were fine for the rest of the trip...

We had a fantastic meeting on Tuesday (seriously...even though I fought going on this trip, it ended up being a worthwhile excursion,) and then had a really nice dinner out with my coworker, before catching a late flight back to Minny. I was wise this time and spent some of my own money to upgrade to a Premium seat.  Brilliant, I thought my flying luck had changed!  Wrong.  Dude in front me of leaned his seat back the entire flight (actually hit my head as he was reclining), played his music so loud it's the only thing I could hear on the flight, and then proceeded to jump over the seats in front of him so he could deplane before his row (the 5th row, for ridiculous perspective.)  I do believe my jaw dropped on that last one.

Good morning NYC! 

The fountains at the 9/11 Memorial Museum...I didn't have the time or the emotional capacity to tour it at that time.

The new World Trade Center

But, Ava met me at the door at 11:45pm on Tuesday night, and welcomed me home, so it the day ended on a positive note.  It was a rough 24 hours that I don't want to repeat anytime soon.

I took a half day on Wednesday to recover, and prepare myself for a 7am dentist visit for both kids on Thursday.  Ava did great - no cavities and three loose teeth!! It's a good thing that she's a pro at the dentist, as this was G's first visit, and he wasn't having any of it, so I had to focus all of my attention on him.  I had to sit in the chair with him and pin his arms down, so they could do a quick count of his teeth, and apply a fluoride treatment.  His teeth also look good, but we need to work on stopping the thumb sucking...not sure how to do that?

Yesterday afternoon/night I headed off to Wisconsin with a friend to partake in a birthday celebration.  It was an hour drive, but so worth it! We did a tour of the 45th Parallel Distillery. We had no idea what that meant...I've done several brewery and vineyard tours, and now I can say that we've learned how spirits are made.  And we tasted ten different kinds...vodkas, aquavits, whiskeys, and cellos...the cellos (lemon and orange) were definitely my favorites!  We capped the night with a yummy dinner, more drinks and games, and then made the long drive back last night.  But, I slept in until 8 today, so I'm feeling good!

At the tour...with the booze!  Steve, the tour guide on the right, did a fantastic job!

Happy 29th, Grace!

Ava had a great week...she didn't have school on Monday and Friday, and she was able to go roller skating and then make a tie dye bag through the school release program. She had a blast! Plus, she was awarded Student of the Month in December and was chosen as Star Student for this coming week...we're working on her "presentation" today!  We're so pleased with how well she's doing in school this year...she's not getting into trouble at all, thank goodness!

Ok, time to enjoy my day with no commitments...except to watch football and spend it with my family! 

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