Sunday, November 1, 2015

Who Needs Sleep?

I lied.  I thought summer was busy.  Turns out that the last two weeks in October kick off some serious crazy time where there's something going on every day/night!

We kicked off the Halloween spirit a few weeks back by taking in a Thursday evening showing of Hotel Transylvania 2.  Ava and I were the only ones in the theater!

Random pic of G, watching a Mickey Mouse Halloween movie...

Last Saturday, after going out to a new (to us) restaurant in the area, and making sure all the kids were tucked safely into their beds, I headed out with my friend Tina.  And stayed out until 2:30am.  I haven't done that for a reallllly long time, and I certainly should not have done that before the very full Sunday that we had planned...

...where Ava and I met up with my friend Amy (and her daughters) for the Hallzooween event at the Minnesota Zoo...trick or treating throughout the different animal sections, crafty projects, and yummy treats.  After getting all zoo-ed out, we took the girls out to lunch - always fun to see Cleopatra, a Spanish dancer, and Rainbow Dash at Culvers!!

Ava and I then hit the road to do some shopping, and then met up with my friend Em to see the movie "Jem and the Holograms".  Good music, ok plot line, but always fun to check out a new flick with a friend!

Then came work...and a Halloween party on Thursday night!  Fun!  But, that's not the only thing that happened on was G's 2nd birthday, too!  I can't believe that it's been two years since the little guy joined our family.  He completed our foursome, and brings a different element that I didn't even know we were missing.  Love this guy SO much!!!

Pre-birthday celebration on Wednesday night...he did NOT like the candle!

But, he did like the little pumpkin mousse cake!

"I'm TWO!"

On Friday during the day, G's daycare had a Halloween party, and he went as Superman!  Ava's school also had a Harvest Party, with a parade throughout all of the classrooms.  Fun!

So, then on Friday night, Ava and I headed to a Halloween party at an old neighbor's house (they moved out of our neighborhood last year.)  G had a fever, so Scott opted to stay home with him.  :(  Ava and I had a nice time catching up with people, eating, and seeing some really creative costumes (I think my favorite was a girl dressed up as a gumball machine!)

Cleopatra and her cat!

Saturday morning, I met up with some co-workers and we did the Terror Trot 5k in the cold drizzle.  About halfway through, the rain let up a bit, and it was nice to be outside, but once we came back around the lake, it got chilly and windy again.  Brrrr!  But, these bees did it!!

Saturday afternoon we had Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey over to celebrate G's move into the next year of his life.  Scott made his fantastic turkey dumpling soup, and we enjoyed a dino-themed birthday cake...and gifts!

We transitioned seamlessly (a.k.a. no resting time allowed) to the next activity which was getting the kids ready for trick or treating with the neighbors.  We were much smarter this year and went out earlier, but still, at 7:30pm, we looked around and realized we were in a ghost town.  Where once there were huge groups of children, there were now darkened doorsteps and not a person in site.  It's really quite weird.  So, we hustled our little ones home and enjoyed a few more hours of chatting, wine and snacks.  And then we went home and crashed.  So tired.
My little cop - so cute!!!

A cop, a Ninja, Kid Flash, and Cleopatra - no one's going to mess with this group!

Taking a break to watch the Great Pumpkin


Today should be an amazing day with absolutely no scheduled plans...and it's gorgeous outside, so maybe we'll even have a chance to get the house ready for winter outside.  AND, we even got an extra hour of sleep - clearly, the universe knew I was running on fumes, and need that additional 60 minutes of rest.

Happy November!

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